Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday ON Saturday: Art Shows Galore & Sketchbook Reveals

Yesterday I visited four art galleries with my friend in Davis...It was a lot of fun. I also put up more fliers for my show at each of the galleries. I came home and drew this zenish drawing in my sketchbook that was greatly influenced by seeing... the wonderful work of Hannah Hunter at the International House in Davis, CA. Hannah's work is in paper and fabric and paint collages, with a heavy Asian, Hindu and Hebrew influences. She showed a whole body of her work spanning several years. It was stunning. (For some reason I could not get this picture to flip right side up). A the John Natsoulas Gallery we saw this exhibit of Delandier Almeida's oil paintings that were mind blowing spectacular in their realism. (I forgot my camera yesterday if you can believe THAT so these pictures are taken off postcards I got at the galleries). The light in my kitchen turns them too orange unfortunately).
And one more circle sketch from me...I'm working on butterflies lately.
Cherryne and I enjoyed a nice lunch at her house, talked and she showed me some crocheted work of her great grandmothers and some knitting she had done herself.
Then we went downtown to see all the art. There were lots of little kids in costumes with parents picking up candy from local merchants. All very cute.
Later we picked up her very sweet 11 yr old daughter from her school with her cello and I took them home and said our goodbyes.
I came home to a sick husband, running 102 I think we'll be taking it easy today.


  1. Bummer about the camera. but you did pretty good with the post cards. Your are work is great. Love the butterfly.
    Sorry about DH. Hope he is better soon. a weekend in bed should help.

  2. hope the DH starts feeling better fast. Interesting artworks you show. sounds like a fun day out.

  3. It sounds like you had a great time Lynn. I hope you don't get the ick too. What a way to end a pleasant day. Your sketches are fun. I like the face on the butterfly.

  4. Sounds like a great day! I love your zen sketch-looks like a quilt.

    Poor hubby, TLC, lots of fluids and wash your hands a lot. lol

  5. sorry that your dh isn't feeling well, hope he recovers soon. hugs.

  6. Lynn, that top drawing is awesome!!!!

    Do it bigger. Do it in threads. Just do it ;)

  7. Ooo, Lynn. These are great. I especially like the collage one, too.


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