Sunday, November 1, 2009

Y = Yarn on ABC Blog

I am telling blogger to save this till Sunday but it insists on publishing it today. ??? I can't remember the last time I knit something...must be well over a year ago. This is the first year in five I did not knit sweaters for the little kids. They are still wearing the ones I knit last year. But when I had to come up with a word starting with Y for the ABC blog ATC swap YARN came to mind so I drew this on the envelope to Laure... and this in watercolors and ink on the front of the ATC card. Yarn sometimes shows up in my multi media art quilts too.
Did I tell you that my five year old grand daughter is being taught to knit in her kindergarden class? I bought her some small Lion Brand knitting needles with little kitties on the ends.


  1. Your little granddaughter will be a well rounded artist when she grows up.

    I like your Y atc.

    I hope hubby is better today. Be well.

  2. I love that they teach kids the arts sometimes in school. Bravo.
    Your ATC is great.

  3. perfect "Y".

    How is hubby - hope he doesn't have the flu

  4. Love the idea of the little needles with kitties on the end! She is so lucky to have such a great and wonderful grandma as you!!!

    Love your rendition of the yarn skein! Very cool!!!

  5. Awwww, Iwannalearnhowtoknit!!!!

    Did you get that?


    Awesome card and envelope!

  6. Sweet atc:)

    To teach knitting in kindergarten is lovely!!

    Am sure she will grow up to a wonderful artist.

  7. that's amazing abt the knitting lessons. no one ever was able to teach me, left handed. and i might add later was never able to sustain knitting beyond a few knit and pearls. although I wish I could. It's like chewing gum for the nerves. Which I cant do anymore either as my fillings fall out.


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