Sunday, November 1, 2009

SoulSisters Sketchbook page for Marianne's Book

Marianne is sending her black cat, Sjimmie, around the world and he has arrived here in California (at the top of the orange state). He will meet Henry V of course, and the two of them will romp off into the sunflower fields and then meet up with the burrowing owls. After that, who knows what adventures they will have? But I can promise they will have a sunny time of it. The hand painted fabrics have been sewn down and sandwiched in batting and muslin, the whole piece is sewn free motion style. It includes photos by Lynn, cotton fabrics, paper and metallic threads. And soon it will fly off to Suki and her page will be added and Sjimmie will have even more adventures this time on the East Coast! This page is a mere six inches by six inches in size.


  1. This is stunning, and so perfect of Marianne's book. I'm sure she will love it. I love the little velvet cat. Cute idea.
    Now I'd better get my thinking cap on for when it gets to me!

  2. Sjimmie meets Henry! That is so cool. I love that you included "California, USA." Awesome job.

  3. ho boy. this is fab. i cant wait. have been practicing Sjimmie paintings. I think this is such a cute idea to send him around. Like the gnome in Amelie.

  4. Beautiful!!! Wow!!

    It's like bringing along that little "Mim" in Ptown ;)

  5. i am really so thrilled with our little project, what great stuff you are producing dear friend.

  6. This looks like so much fun. I love your page. Can you believe it is November????It is flying as always. Judy lives in Murrieta, California. Judy doesn't do computer very much. She knows about the charms, but has not seen one yet. And we doesn't know I am sending this. She and I used to quilt together when I lived in Cypress. We are all California kids, born and raised. We moved to Idaho and we love it here. The hard part is being away from some of our family.
    Have a wonderful day, Mary

  7. Lynn you keep coming up with fantastic ideas for these books, each one so you and each one so the person you are doing it for. Bravo. This is fab.

  8. This is fabulous Lynn. CA is well represented.

  9. I am so happy with this page for Sjimmie's book!!!
    Soon he will be with Bibbity and Emily telling them about his adventure in California, wish I could have traveled with him to meet Henry V in person (and you :))
    I already told you on the artysoulsisters blog how awesome this page is, but it doesn't hurt to hear it one more time:



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