Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Cactus Monday and Arty SoulSisters Page for Soul Herself

The first half of Sunday was fun and artfilled. I'd finished my sketchbook page for Marianne which I posted yesterday...her cat, Sjimmie coming to California to meet my cat Henry V. Then I worked on Soulbrushes page which is lower down on this post. But first I'm starting off with what I did third. I've been promising to get back to being more creative on Cactus Monday and here it is. I took one of my hand painted (with acrylic paints) fabrics as my background. Already stamped too...and free motion sewed some cacti and sun on it with gold metallic threads. The tension on my machine is loose and I liked how the loose black bobbin threads came to the top looking like spikes on the cacti.
I added some fabric crayolas to the mix and colored on top of the dried paint for more colors...
Then I sewed a strand of gold beads around the whole cloth sandwich for extra glitter and sparkle.
It shines, whatcha think?
Here starts Souls page for ArtySoulSisters traveling sketchbook....
Soul spent many years living in South Africa and loves giraffes and other wild beasties from there!
Click all photos to see brighter color and more details Again I used a sheet of painted and stamped muslin
adding cut out fabric animals from a tea towel she sent me from her last visit
to South Africa to visit family!
I added beads she gave me too just because she can't send just an ATC to trade
but has to add extra embellishments she thinks I can use in my art making.
How right she is and so I did
for her! Along with some other found beads (thrift stores)
and laid the whole piece on burlap
also found and reused as backing and frame.
We can only imagine what other animals are hiding in the jungle around these!
And on Sunday late afternoon DH finally said he'd like to visit the ER
to find out why his fever was not going away...
So we went there and three hours later
left with some antibiotics for a bladder infection.
The doctor thought it was H1N1, but
it wasn't.
Now he has to wait for the meds to take effect, the fever to go away
and then he can return to his hectic life at school.
I may have to sit on him to keep him home another day. ************
I'm so glad I had lots of time to create this weekend.
I need to make some hanging sleeves for the art show pieces.
Might do some tonight.


  1. Glad DH got some antibiotics - and that it wasn't H1N1 (nasty bug).

    I love the pages for Joss - just gorgeous and so is the cactus

  2. i simply love the sjimmie page, and then this! i am filled with joy and love for you lynn, the fact that every time you recognise my 'africanness'. although i have lived here in rainy, cold, drippy, wet, windy, icy england for 23 years, my heart and soul remain somewhere out on an open african field, with the wild sunflowers and plenty of raffies, and ellies and zebras. thanks so very much. xxxxxxx
    and love those cactuses, specially the crayola touch.
    as for your dh, tell him i say that they will not add $10 to his pay packet at the end of the month for being brave or restless... and he must not go back till he is completely well, specially after a fever, teaching is stressful and strenuous enough without feeling under the weather.

  3. I love the cactus, but I don't knwo about the gold beads, I think perhaps they are a bit much??

  4. O My God, they are awesome!!!

    Some wonderful work there...very unique too. Soul must be too happy:)

    HCM, Lynn.

  5. All of these pieces are great. I really like your cactus. It turned out great with those spines showing so well. HCM.

  6. are driven, Lynn!!! I love your cactus monday peice! WOW! It is stunning!

    Souly-B's art pages are so great too...she will absolutely love them...they really reflect who she is!!!

    I am amazed you can do anything else other than make art...but you always find a way!!!

    Happy Cactus Monday!!!

  7. That cactus is amazing!!! Wow! I've never heard of fabric crayolas. makes me want to learn to sew!

    As I said on our journal blog, the page for SB is fantastic and SO HER!! You are one talented lady ;)


  8. Love the cactus and the African scene on Souls book page. My favorite movie is OUT OF AFRICA so I love the flavor of it. So glad to hear that DH got to the ER and found out what was wrong with him. it was only going to get worse.

  9. I always love seeing what you are up to Lynn...what a joy you are in life!

  10. Hi Lynn, I love those little cactus-spikes too, that is a great effect and the colors of your artwork here are very nice, love the green. Hope your dear husband is well again now and can confront his wild bunch of pupils again:)

  11. Wow Lynn, how you come up with this!
    Again lovely works of art!
    The cactus piece is amazing and indeed like real with the structure.
    Soul's pages are wonderful and so Soul! Like I love my pages she will love yours! Both made so personal.


  12. The pause you hear is me trying to catch my breath! WOWIE LYNN...You are a house afire...The cactus piece is spectacular...and now is probably my most fave piece of yours....and Soul's book pages...Awww...They brought on the tears! What fantastic art to share! Ahhhhhhhhh! :)

  13. I love yr art - just fantastic! Also love the colours you have used.

  14. All your creations are outstanding! You really do have a WILD imagination! I love how the cactus turned out; all the swirly colors in the background and all.
    Soulbrush's page is amazing, as I mentioned on the other blog.

  15. Absolutely fantastic Lynn!! I love each and every one. Your pages for Soul are just great!


  16. My heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who came here to day and left a comment (or not). I am very ver appreciative of your thoughts and words.

  17. Wow, Lynn, your pages are just stunning, I love both the cactus and the giraffes, they are both gorgeous! Whew, I'm glad your DH didn't have that flu and I hope he is feeling better and the fever down.

  18. Your art just gets better and better. Love the cactus and the African animal themes. Just so creative and beautiful. Thank you for my goodies in the mail. I have rater out of it lately and not posting much. But yours is one of the first places I visit when I am up to it. Judy

  19. You're such a wiz with fabrics and paint! I left a comment on the Artysoulsisters blog too about your pieces! Love that cactus too!


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