Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ER...FULLMOON...More Art Show Prep

Hospital visits are never fun. (Unless you are having a baby and then I'm not sure I'd call it fun, but you at least get a prize to take home at the end of your stay)...but Sunday, DH continued to not feel well so in we went. It was a long wait to be seen, the waiting room was packed with people, many wearing masks. They gave DH a mask to wear, but I was not offered one. I wasn't the patient. So I could be exposed to all the germs. We were finally seen by the first doctor. Then there was the second and third doctors. And the lab techs and finally a nurse. It was boring waiting. And waiting for test results and the diagnosis. The doctor thought H1N1, but DH thought otherwise. DH won. After three hours (I read three magazines I'd brought with me, and drew several pictures to pass the time)...we got the dx and got to go home. He had to leave the mask there.
He got some antibiotics to take and the written side effects are scarier than what he has wrong with him. Oy. He'll stay home from school again tomorrow as his fever is still too high and he still feels too awful. You need to understand that this man NEVER misses work. I cannot remember a time he called in sick before. This may be a first. Hopefully the pills will start taking effect soon and life can get back to normal. I captured this shot of the full moon on my way home from work tonight. (Monday)
Daylight savings time had us putting our clocks back one hour so it was dark
when I left work for the first time this year.
Lest you think you caught me not arting
These are some of the finished panels for the art show
that identify each piece of art work that will be hung.
And these are the cards I printed up on my computer to hand out that night.
I also wrote and framed a bio about myself,
and got a guest book for comments ready.
I also sewed hanging sleeves on all the wall quilts that did not have them.
And I need to print out a few more quilt stories for the backs of several to be printed on cotton fabric and then sewed on to the backs.
And finally to put wire on the backs of the four element canvas's and I think
I am ready for the show.
But before this I have to have that tooth pulled this Friday.
Never a dull moment!


  1. gosh, i hope the DH recovers soon. High fever is so uncomfortable. I really like your drawing by the way. Excellent. And all you have done for your show. It will be a winner.

  2. Oh my gosh girl you have been busy. Take care of yourself. We don't want you getting sick too. Too bad they didn't give your DH a shot to get the wellness ball rolling.

  3. hi Lynn, hope DH will be fine soon, he has caught a nasty bug? Please wish him well from me!
    And you are one of the busiest women I know, honestly! Love your drawing!

  4. Phew - I'm tired just imagining all that work!! Hope your husband recovers soon. Take care!

  5. You are never NOT Arting. Even sitting and waiting in a hospital.
    It does tend to pass the time away doesnt it. Very good too. Lots going on. I forgot about that tooth to be pulled. I hope you do as well as your Brother did having his out.
    oh Word Verification is..aching.. no lie. lol

  6. Phew, you HAVE been so busy, gosh, I'm tired just thinking about it.

    Happy to hear DH is on the road to recovery. Great use of 'waiting' time.

    That show is going to be so fun for you and all the viewers!

  7. I hope the pills save your hubby. It's miserable to be sick as an adult. I hate it.
    P.S. Not a bad sketch, I might add. I'm impressed.

    You look like you are ready as ever for your show. I like your info tags. Hope it's a big success and you get lots of commissions.

  8. Your energy amazes me!! I was surprised to hear you're that okay to say?

    You look great and you kick butt when it comes to producing art!

    yay, No N1H1 or vice versa. Speedy recovery to DH ;)

  9. I hope your DH gets well again soon.

  10. omg it isn't swine flu is it? this has gone on for so long's hoping he will up and about really soon.

  11. I hope your husband is feeling better soon..


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