Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Butterflies on Animal Wednesday & Late Bloomers

Sketchbook pages...some flowers for yesterdays Bloomin' Tuesday, which I had other things on my mind. DH is getting much better thank you all for your sweet concern. His fever is gone today! These flowers were done with colored in pens. I love drawing leaves. And I am busy with butterflies on my brain. These landed in my sketchbook sometime earlier in the week or was it last week? Done in colored pens and watercolor background. And today I started on my mandala quiltlet...which also has a winged character in its center.
A felting I will go, a felting I will go, high ho a derry oh, a felting I will go!


  1. so glad the fever is gone!!! hurrah. Cheerful butterflies. I think you left a facebook email or something of which I cant recall. Oh yes, bittersweet wreaths. The berries/cherries I showed are actually on a tree-like bush or something and not bittersweet. I would like to make a bittersweet wreath though. sometimes you can find it growing by the wayside.

  2. It sounds like you are having a good time felting. Your sketchbook is full of color and gaiety. HAW.

  3. You crack me up. We even get a song. lol Love the colored drawings of Butterfies and flowers. Spring/summer is still on your mind I see. :)) Glad DH is doing much better. Thanks for the comment on my video of me touring my garden. I cant believe I actually got it on with no hassle. :))

  4. Happy to hear DH is improving. Must be all your TLC.

    Love all these happy and colorful paintings.


  5. terrific. haw to you today, too tired to post anything.

  6. Lovely flowers and butterflies!
    Both always full of inspiration!


  7. I have to say the same thing... Lovely flowers and butterflies!!!!
    Very colourful.

    HAW, Lynn!


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