Thursday, November 5, 2009

Grateful Thursday!

I wish you could touch this ATC. The red fabric is some sort of fleece that is heavenly soft, and lower down are some wonderfully soft fibers in turquoise and gray. The black tiny beads at the bottom add more texture and shine as do the shiny smooth white hearts. These are on top of stems from some sort of twigs adhered with black thread. The whole thing is a piece of wonderful art made by Mieke in The Netherlands. Thank you Mieke, I love it oh so much! I have been following Gunnels' blog for some time now taken as I was by her header that is full of buttons and her intricate hand embroidery. This is a post card she sent me just to thank me for leaving comments on her blog! Is that just the nicest thing? Thank you Gunnel. Do go see her blog and all her wonderful art work here.
These are the collection of stamps I gathered just this week and last, from The Netherlands and Ireland too.
Teri C. sent me this adorable card with her ATC for our ABC Blog swap for the letter X.
I love the cactus with the pumpkin over his arm! Thanks Teri.
And this is Teri's rendition of MY X-rayed BRAIN! See the sewing machine in the center and all the thinking of colors and all the colors inside there. I have to say she has captured me to the hilt! I love it Teri!
Mim sent me her art on a card too, she is our resident fish expert! And these are just wonderful examples of some of her best...
I'm posting her Z = Zebra for the ABC swap a few days early. Our last for this swap where we all drew ATCs of the ABCs for the past well 26 weeks! We will start up again at the first of the year. Thanks Mim, I love both the card and the ATC very much. Z = Zebra!
So, once again I have much to be grateful for:
All this wonderful art that lands on my doorstep!
The fact that my DH seems to have survived his infection and is on the mend!
(No, Soul, it was NOT the swine flu, nothing contagious)
My best friend, Patty, will come on Friday to nurse me through my tooth ordeal!
My DH has a wonderful voice and I can hear him playing guitar and singing from the living room!
My daughter emailed to ask if we can babysit on the 14th!
I'm sure there is more
but that's enough for now.
Thanks to all of you who faithfully come to my blog
and pamper me with your friendship and affection.


  1. Everytime I go AWWWW here...

    Such wonderful art works that you've received. Fab display of art. Its all so sweet...
    Gr8 feeling!!!

    Good that your hubby's is getting better.

    Have a gr8 time!!

  2. I am loving your gratitude list!

  3. What lovlies here Lynn. Your friend with the hand embroidery and the buttons really rocks. Glad music is flowing through the house again.

  4. Just popped over to see what Lynn is up to!

    Oh yes, lovely stuff, thanks so much for sharing these goodies and gifts you have received. I love Gunnel's work too. I had a package from Gunnel this week which I'm going to blog about soon, you might like to pop over and see it and I had one of her postcards too

    Bye for now
    Carolyn ♥

  5. What a lovely and happy blogpost ! To be grateful for so much, you have a good heart Lynn !!! and yes I wanna to tuch the first ATC, it´s so lovely ! I am glad you like my postcard, You should have it for a long time ago, I have been so busy with other thing. And you have to know that my sick friend do love the beatiful card I sent to her, the card that you have done !!!!
    Have a nice day! Here in Sweden we have a grey day...........maybe I found some colours in my studio ;-)

  6. You always have such an abundance to be thankful for. All the lovely art work you are collecting from friends and good health returning and baby sitting to boot and so soon. Enjoy it all. :))

  7. hope all goes well w/the tooth pull. I had one pulled about 10 yrs ago. It all worked out fine. Or should I say it pulled out fine. :)

  8. Oh wow, lots of beauties today! I DO want to touch that one.
    Happy to hear DH is improved and singing (wow, how great is that, your own music man).

    And I am thankful for your friendship and your sharing of your creative works.

  9. what loevly cards. you deserve them as you give so much to all of us.

  10. Wow, what a lineup of wonderful treasures! You deserve every one of them ;)

  11. I just loved looking at eveything. The brain with a sewing machine is priceless. Happy Fall, Mary
    Speaking of sewing, I have one more pillow top to sew!

  12. Thank you all for joining me on my grateful day...and for all these wonderful comments I am most grateful again.

  13. Hope nurse Patti is good to you, I had a wisdom tooth pulled recently and survived nicely. take care (did you open the Z - it's a zebra fish)

  14. Hi Lyn,

    so glad you like it!!


  15. What beautiful artwork you have received Lynn. A truly lovely post. We are all grateful to have met you in blogland.


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