Friday, November 6, 2009

Send Good Thoughts!

While you are looking at this I am either getting ready for, being put to sleep for, having a tooth pulled. No big deal you say! Well, .............. you are probably right. My dear friend, Patty, will take me there and bring me home and stay with me a bit to make sure I don't bleed to death! It's good to have a friend like this...someone who has been in my life since when I am feeling a bit like a baby again, she can know what I need and how to tend to my tender needs. I went to the store tonight (last night) and bought good things for our lunch for after the ORDEAL. Organic butternut squash soup, basil garlic tortellini, triple chocolate no sugar added ice cream and Moreno chocolate-orange cookies (with real sugar). I felt like Patty deserved a special treat for taking care of the likes of me. See ya tomorrow.
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  1. I hope your tooth is out and you are sipping soup, relaxing and sleeping off the drugs. Take care.

  2. thinking of you as you undergo the tooth pull. It's all a big deal as far as my thinking goes. Treat yourself kindly. How lovely of Patti to be there with/for you. You are lucky.

  3. YOu will be in good hands before, during and after it looks like. Hoping all goes well. Your Brother did great so you will too. watch that low cal ice cream..LOL
    my word verification is. no lie,,,
    'recupe'. see, as they would say the universe is with you. :))

  4. There with you...hope you come out of it really well.
    Take care of yourself:)

  5. I hope you are done with this ordeal!! Happy recovery.

  6. Oh my... Lynn, are you that afraid they have to let you sleep....? Poor you!
    I will certainly think of you!!!!
    In December I will have to go to the dental surgeon again (I get a rebate there for being such a good custumor.....;-b
    Sending you gentle loving thoughts. You will survive this ordeal dear!


  7. you are gonna be just fine. i curse the dentist in your past who made you so scared of every dentist right to this very day. curses be upon him!
    wordveri: speed (wish you a speedy 'feel well' )

  8. Good luck with that. Hope you are relatively painless. Here's to a speedy recovery.


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