Friday, November 6, 2009

It's OUT and I Survived!

I just knew you'd all want to see the bloody stump of a tooth that came out today. Makes a great ATC don' t you think? LOL I had a conversation with the sweet young doctor prior to the serum going in that was putting me to sleep. I told him about my upcoming art show and he let me know they needed new art in his offices. Was I interested in having mine hung there with my business card on it, etc.? I said sure so will send him my Textile Art Blog address to see what he likes. Fun to have a next place to hang my stuff. Patty just left. I have gauze pads in my mouth soaking up blood. I just took an IBP 4 hrs after the ordeal started as the Novocaine is starting to wear off. I feel a little light headed, but can walk around my house just fine. From couch to computer. The important places. I'd watched a movie last night about a doctor whose patient died from the anesthetic...obviously that was not prophetic for me. I'm HERE! Thanks to all who sent their good wishes. From Lynn who is back in the saddle again!
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  1. Oh that is gross. I wanted my tooth too but they wouldnt let me have it. Said it was policy. hmmm
    I still have my baby teeth in a jar my mom put them in. LOL
    Glad you came thru just fine. Take it easy tonight. No marathon anything!!!

  2. Oh good Lord, she shows us the tooth no less!! Gross!!

    But happy to hear all is well! REST!!! best way to stop the bleeding.

  3. Oh my goodness, I am so glad that you are okay. I had one pulled about two months ago...not fun.
    Since you got your tooth...put it under your pillow and see if the tooth fairy comes...TEE HEE!
    Hugs, Mary

  4. Congrats Lynn!!!
    For being such a brave survivor ;)
    I would never ever want an anesthetic......, that the thing I am most afraid of. I did my cesarian and my feet operation with a spinal anesthetic.
    Did you put your tooth under your pillow?
    Now you take care and take it easy!
    Fun the doctor 's office will be your next exhibition, congrats on that! You rock!

    Have a nice weekend

  5. oh my dearest one, that looks soooo huge!!!! ouch!!! you are back and i am so relieved about that. I think you should do a gigantic piece of this tooth to hang in your dentist's surgery (only kidding!) rest now and eat lotsa icecream and cool drinks. xx

  6. Ugh...don't tell me you put this under your pillow last night and the tooth fairy brought you a diamond ring. I mean dime. Glad to hear you are doing ok.

  7. I'm glad you showed us the tooth. Interesting how a photo of the same tooth, posted on your blog as part of a smile, would not even be noticed or elicit a reaction. Yet extracted, it is seen so differently. As humans we often avoid showing or looking at those unseen parts (the blood, the root, etc) - yet we all have them.

  8. Yuck. glad all went well and you are recuperating.

  9. Boy, that's pretty yukky! How brave of you - some ordeal I'd say - hate going to the dentists and don't 'do' anything involving blood!!!Take it easy for a while - you must have a pretty big hole in your mouth now!

  10. ACK!

    This is my first visit and show me your tooth. OMG, I think I am going to throw up.


    You are so funny!

    It is so gross that it is cool. But I am still queasy.

    HAHAHAHA! I forgot to comment about your quiltwork. Blame your tooth.

  11. you must still be on drugs to post that photo! eeeeeekkkkk that root is so big, you must have a massive hole in your head! ouch. I hope you are feeling ok soon. (I am never going to the dentist again now)

  12. I was in shock, but you see the thumbnail pic on my blog showing your blog looks like a christmas stocking, and i thought you were showing us some christmas wrong I was!!

  13. Dear Friends, I apologize to anyone whom I grossed out with my photo of my bloody tooth.

    I'm glad some of you got a kick out of it...saw the humor.

    I am fine today. Actually the upper quadrant of my mouth ABOVE the area where the tooth was hurts. I do not feel much at all in the operation site. Interesting? Maybe they pulled the wrong tooth? LOL

    Off to felt and sew and gesso pages for my next art projects!

  14. Oh looks so painful. Hope you are ok. Go and lie down dear ...

    Did I ever tell you what a fabulous header that is with those wonderful pumpkins?

    Carolyn ♥

  15. Yuck, gross! I will show this to DH, he is very squemish.
    Glad to read that you are fine again.

  16. Oh God, Lynn! This looks so painful. I had wisdom teeth removed but I never saw the actual tooth! This tooth looks healthy. Too bad it had to come out. Hope you have lots of pain killer.

  17. I love Messyfish's comment about the Christmas stocking.

  18. Sorry to be late here, Lynn you are great, you showed your...but I didn't...
    I am glad you are so brave and a great survivor too.

    Hope you are feeling better now:)


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