Friday, October 2, 2009

More Last Weekend Photos and ATCs for Trade

Bright red succulents on the hill side in Bodega headlands.. seagulls painting the rocks white... farmers market fare
boat dock precariously perched hut
rocks and waves
four more ATCs for trade
fabric, felted felt, dryer sheets hand dyed, dyed tulle,
and the metal like gold holy stuff
Upholstery fabric, felted felt, paper towel, dryer sheet, gold threads, etc.
abstract socks drawer
felted wool bits and dryer sheets #1.3
cotton fabric, felted wool bits, dryer sheets, gold threads, gold holy stuff
Up for trade, now or later... Happy Friday
End of Week
Beginning of Weekend
Be well
Enjoy life
Be brave


  1. oooohhh aaahhhhh love those pomegranates. and of course I am in awe of your textile art!

  2. Those costal shots are so wonderful to me. I guess because I rarely get to see such things being land locked here. I can feel the wind as the waves splash upon the rocks. Yes, those photos take me away...

    Your ATCs are wonderful. I like all those bits and pieces that come together with such presence.

  3. such lovely colors in the photos. and more of your wonderful ATC's. You won the book by the way. Am mailing it t'day. Be well, Suki

  4. Just found you through Soulbrush. I love your blog! Terrific textile art you're creating!

    Best wishes from Wisconsin,

  5. Oh Lynn, Bodega bay is one of my favorite places on earth!! I'm glad I can go back now and then through your blog and photos.

    I really miss that coastline because I don't get to the ocean here very much, if at all :(

    Wonderful ATC's!!

  6. Some great shots here of the coast. I love that little shack on the pier. and your ATCs are fun. Congrats on winning that book.

  7. Such pretty photos. I love the boat dock and rocks and waters. What beautiful paintings they would make.
    Your ATCs are fabulous!

  8. I must have fallen of this earth, look at all you have done while I was trying to find my way here. I love your pictures...the one with the Bee is so, oh my gosh, I could not have stayed still.
    And the ATV's are so beautiful!!!! I haven't done any in so long...but it gets me thinking and that is always a good thing.
    I thank you for your supporting note, I have a lot to do and I need to be reminded that I am worth this journey. Big Hugs, Mary

  9. Loved looking at your pics of the coast. And what eye candy your ATCs are. I'm a big lover of color and yours SHOUT it BIG TIME! I love the texture too. Very beautiful.


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