Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bloomin Tuesday and Last Saturday Continued...

Last Saturday we traveled to Winters, CA...maybe 20 minutes from
home up I-5.I wanted to check out this art gallery that my friend, Cherryene told me about.
If you look very carefully you can see me going toward the door. There was quite an eclectic variety of art there including many paintings and sculpture. This metal art structure is my contribution for Blooming Tueday this week!
I was drawn to these heart mosaics
and their wonderful words filling them. Thought they looked great on the red wall.
These tiles were made for stepping stones in the garden
but I am not sure I could step on them
And I thought of saving the gallery cat for
animal Wednesday, but he really belongs in this post!
This table caught my eye with its ceramics;
but especially the little Chinese figure carrying water buckets,
as my grandmother had the same figure in her home
when I was growing up in the 40's and 50's. I like that green pea pod too.
I have emailed the owners photos of my art quilts to see if this is a potential next stop
for them or not. They did not have any textile art at all on display.
And a young woman working there said they'd tried some quilts there once a long time ago,
but they did not sell. I told her mine were contemporary art quilts
and hoped they'd give them a chance.
I haven't heard anything yet.
So we shall see.
If not here...then onward ho!
It's fun finding all these art galleries close to home.
Wishing you all a happy Bloomin' Tuesday.


  1. oooh i love these mosaics, they are great. here's holding thumbs for your quilts. show them jusat one, they will be 'sold' on the idea.

  2. Your quilts would fit right in with this art Lynn. I hope they give you a chance.

    I love the pea pod and those hearts.

  3. What a fabulous place for all that beautiful art. Love that metal flower!!


  4. Wow what a wonderful gallery!
    Lovely pieces but I love that atmosphere there!
    Your art would look great there!
    Thanks for taking me along!


  5. What an interesting post!
    I too am drawn to the canvases on the red wall.
    Good luck with the prospect,your quilts would be perfect additions to this space!

  6. Well maybe traditional quilts might not make it but yours are smaller and wall hangings like a painting so Very different indeed.
    What a fun store to visit. Loved the peas in the pod too.

  7. Babs those are not canvas on the red wall they are tiles! Amazing huh?

  8. I love this shop. Those heart mosaics are so pretty. The word tiles remind me of titles on the spines of books. Love the little garden stepping stones. Hope you can get your work in here.

  9. Wow - those heart mosaics are fantastic!


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