Monday, November 23, 2009

Lisa's ArtySoulSisters Sketchbook Page

Our traveling ArtySoulSisters sketchbook reached me this past week from Mim in MA. I am to make a page for Lisa and then send the book on to Suki, who will add a page and then only two more pages needed from Kate and Caroline for this book to make it back to Lisa! It already is chock full of awesome art from many other artists in this group. And if you want to see more go to our blog at ArtySoulSisters! and scroll backwards to see all the incredible pages for all the wonderful books and their progress! This is a felted velvet and wool butterfly surrounded by variegated ribbon yarn, embellished with beads and stick on glass thingies that shine! The butterfly is on a scrapbook page of paper.
This is the back, which I left bare to see. Not so sturdy maybe this way, but interesting to
each prick of a needle that was used to adhere the fabric to the paper! I hope Lisa Likes It! and
Happy Cactus Monday!
Almost forgot.
Let the needles of my felting machine
surfice for needles on a cactus today


  1. This is gorgeous Lynn. I can't wait to see it in person... So many stitches. So much color. WOW

  2. a wonderful page for sure. Love the butterfly image and all the pricks.

  3. Saw this on the Soulsisters blog and commented but I still LOVE it. very good use of those bits and pieces you picked up from someones ETSY shop. She will love it!!!

  4. It is a superb piece Lynn! So love your textile art!

  5. FAB...U...LOUS!!!! Another timeless treasure! :) HCM!

  6. Beautiful Lynn and all those pricklies count for Monday!


  7. I love this Butterfly, the colors are amazing.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Mary

  8. Now THAT is a stretch Lynn!! You show us this gorgeous gorgeous colored art and casually say the needles are for cacti. A STRETCH! But I love it. lol

    HCM!! and butterflies too.

  9. Very cool Lynn. I love to see how you used the velvet, ribbons and gems. Your butterfly just glows!


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