Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Day of Gallery hopping and Quilt Oggling!

On Saturday I asked DH if he'd go with me to a few places...a gallery in Winters, which I'll post more about another day, and 40 Acres Art Gallery in Sacramento to see a contemporary quilt show. Of course he agreed.This piece took my breath away with its color screaming out at me as I walked in the doors.
Many of the women artists are from the Bay Area Oakland, CA. and even Vallejo, CA
where I was born and raised.
The texture on this piece was thick and brilliant. I hope enlarging the photos will give you a feel for it.
List of the artist contributors
This piece was so graceful. A few sparkles from a very few beads
over layed in the lightest of fabrics
delicate and lovely to behold.
And this one! It said it was machine sewn but I could not for the life of me
find the stitches. They were so tiny and gold and blended right into the fabric.
I was impressed by the photo transfer techniques this artist used as the pictures
are so clear and brightly colored.
It screams of pride!
And this one. The story said it contains 1500 yo-yos (the round pieces so called)
and were all individually sewn and then sewn one to the other.
It took two people a year to complete this beautiful piece of art.
I loved the shape of this quilt. It is not a straight rectangle, but off centered more than this photo shows. The fabrics are all shiny satins, bright and brilliant.
And this portrait amazing!
Close up you see hundreds of small and tiny pieces of fabric like a puzzle
overlaying each other to make up the whole. From a distance you see it as if it's one painting.
After viewing all the quilts and there were many more
we sat and watched this wonderful movie of these two elderly women being interviewed
about their lives and quilt making. Quilts made from old clothing, out of need, and the details of their lives. The woman on the right in this picture was one of 18 children. She herself had ten.
They talked about how heavy their quilts had been when washed by hand in big tubs but once a year and then hung over a fence to dry. Not like popping them into a washing machine today.
It was such a rich history.
Such lives.
Such personalities.
Charming and heart felt being able to hear them at this time in their lives.
Wow. We took the long way home along the delta waters at sunset.
Time to take in all the beauty we'd seen this day.
I felt very humbled by it all.


  1. Wow - quilting is such a world in itself. Before you, I never knew it was so much more than just a quilt on a bed. The portrait made up of many pieces is amazing. I love the photo of the windmills.

  2. This is amazing Lynn. Those quilts are something else! Isn't it wonderful to support other artists and get so much inspiration yourself? I love the picture of the 2 women being interviewed. Very touching.

    A friend of mine just bought a small home near the delta in a development. She has to let her Monterey home go into forclosure because the value dropped below what she owes. Her current mortgage is $6,000 per month!! When she moves it will be $825. Quite a difference!
    She grew up in Vacaville so she knows the area quite well ;)

  3. So many beautiful creations! Wow what a great way to spend a day. I bet your head is full of new ideas.

  4. I love going to see others work. This looks like a wonderful show too. So much color and variety. the trip home looked colorful too.
    Thanks for sharing. I know we will be seeing lots of your work inspired by these shows and nature.

  5. Wonderful pictures, thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful work. I love your new header and good luck with your shop venture

    Have a wonderful week

    Carolyn ♥

  6. Those quilts are gorgeous! I especially love the mandala one. And all those colors are to die for. What fun.

  7. i am a bit nonplussed...but realize it is you on a different blog, i should have kept reading to see if it's new...

    these quilts are staggering and that felted one with the donkey being in it, i would kill to have it, i just adore it and it makes me want to start another hobby...of course, you know i am looking for a sewing machine...hmmmm, maybe, just maybe i shall go back to my old roots, one of them being quilting tho modern like i am seeing yours, which i love tho don't know how to felt ... am sure i can learn :)

    what a fun day! i followed you everywhere, we live in the same-sort of-stomping grounds, you know..

  8. Those quilts were just amazing! My favortite was the round one with strips that were so finely sewn you could not see the stitches! That would look so great on my bed!!! LOL! Was a wonderously fun day for you and your hubby, I'm sure (nice he likes to go with you, too)!!!

  9. Amazing work. I bet you are so inspired there will be something quite different coming from your hands soon.

  10. Lovely exhibition with interesting work of art.


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