Saturday, November 21, 2009

MojoFlow Studio Show

I got up to rain today...finally, as we need it here in California. Loaded my car with fiber art and headed once more to Davis, a week later since my first solo show to set up in Chris Pike's Pillates studio. Chris had seen my work at the Paint Chip last week and asked if I'd like to display it at his studio. I loved the colors on walls and ceiling...these three stripes are skylights on the ceiling! Chris saw my camera and asked if I'd photograph him for his business needs. I was happy to do so and took a lot of photos of him in different exercise positions. Here he makes a nice underscore for my art don't you agree? ;-) The colorful walls really set the art off nicely. And the black bamboo poles I had picked up at the thrift store months ago finally came in handy. So as not to make more holes in the walls I added brads to my little quiltlet squares with the quilt story, contents, my name, price etc and used thin gold jewelry wire to attach them to the wall hangings or hangers. This one was not in the last show. It's called "Swirl" and is made up of lots and lots of swirling sari silk hand dyed ribbons thanks to Vivian Bonner's ETSY store. I like how the weights are color coodinated to the wall hanging. I thought Seeds of Hope I and II looked great on the sunshine yellow wall. And California Gold liked blending into this orange wall. A small window between two larger ones.
The art will hang here for two weeks and can be seen by appointment by emailing
or attending the Indian Music ensemble show tonight at eight
355 2nd Street, Davis, CA.
Shabbat Shalom
Happy Saturday


  1. Oh they all look gorgeous against those walls. How wonderful this all is for you Lynn - just great.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving -

  2. This is an excellent place to show your art. The colors of the walls look like they were chosen to accentuate your art. Your art couldn't be better displayed. I hope those ladies doing those pilates will want to take home some of that energy.

  3. OMGosh they look fabulous in there. I love the colored walls, its so cozy and it really brings out all the colors in your work beautifully. I love your swirls quilt too. I love how you find things and put them away until just the right time comes to use them and you always seem to find that perfect use. KUDOS

  4. Oh, look at those coloured walls, I love that space.

  5. What a fabulous background for your art. Love all those colors!!

  6. this space really shows off your work beautifully. It seems to "go with" the fun walls and skylights.

  7. Lynn, this venue was made for your art!! It all looks fabulous. And so do his tight buns I might add.

    Hey, I'm married, not dead!

    I love the bamboo poles btw and the new piece, 'swirls.'
    really great!!

  8. Oh, his studio is a most gorgeous backdrop for your wonderful pieces. LOVE the skylights. This is so cool that your work is getting more exposure. Neat, neat, neat!

  9. Thanks all. I appreciate your shared excitement with me. I agree the walls could not have been more perfect had I painted them myself.

    And Lolo, I think he is married too. Giggle, giggle! Well art is art and nice you appreciate all of it. LOL

  10. Wow Mim they really look just perfect in that enviroment!
    What a beautiful location to show your art. It is as if they should be hanging there!
    I love the sticks they are hanging on . Love the colors of the place and the combination with your colorful work
    And that picture of him exercising is perfect!

    Congrats on this show too Lynn!

  11. What a wonderful place,Lynnie!!!
    I am so happy for you...your art looks gorgeous...Nice place, nice art, nice show...everything seems so perfect!!!

    Wish you all the Luck!

  12. Looking good, Lynn! I love that studio! Very energizing colors and your art is a perfect compliment to the place. All the hard work you put into displaying it shows. Hope you do well, but even if nothing sells this time, any kind of exposure is a plus.


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