Friday, November 20, 2009

High Protien Lunch Woke Me Up Again

Yes, I was exhausted last night. Slept well. Went to work. Stayed awake. Came home for lunch and ate lots of protein...and it did the trick! Returned to work and saw more clients. Then came home again while still daylight and snapped these photos of our little Myrtle tree gone fall; and these whites popping out on their vine over the fence in great abundance.
These are the birds I spotted yesterday while taking my noontime walk. High voltage seems to be the way life is firing for me right now! And these beauties in this down town container
pretty much signify how bright my life has been lately.
Today I will be taking my art into
Mojo Flow Studio in Davis, CA
and hanging it there for two weeks.
A woman from NY emailed me
and is interviewing me along with several other textile artists
regarding a potential wall hanging commission.
The process is fun.
If it happens...great.
In the meantime, it's just one more indication of my art being noticed!
A friend whom I spoke with on the phone last evening
told me of a gallery I hadn't yet heard of in another nearby town that shows fine art.
I will send them photos of mine and see if they are interested.
I hope life is bright where you are
and that good things are coming your way!


  1. Take care Lynn, sometimes it's true this thing keep bothering us but we have to change a mindset to it.
    Happy day. Think positively!
    The blooms look great and bring excitement and pleasure to view.

  2. Absolutely love the poppies. Nothing much blooming here as the high yesterday was 45F. Brrr winter is creeping in. Take care and best of luck on getting new shows. You will be even more famous soon. I will be able to say "I knew her when..."

  3. Have fun hanging your latest show up today. Two weeks to be seen by many. Who knows what will come from this. I love how you were found on the internet under Art quilts. Not even from your show but from someone in NY looking on the interent. Shows how far reaching the web is. Lovely pictures as usual. Enjoy it all.

  4. Love those yellow poppies! Take some time to slow down and enjoy them on your way to fame.

  5. I love that shot of the yellow poppie? I guess that is what that is. So nice to see all your pretty flowers still blooming while everything here is brown and dying. Good luck with your new prospect.

  6. bright
    is right
    both day
    and night...


    thanks for brightening our day by sharing these beauties...

    take care

  7. Hi Lynn, So pleased to see you getting your work veiwed by lots of poeple. Good luck to you.

  8. Lovely pictures Lynn!
    Oh and I forgot to tell you I love your new header!

    Hope you have had a woinderful weekend and rest up girl!


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