Thursday, November 19, 2009

Me, too tired to blog?

I am. Tired. Burning the candle at both ends? Trying to do TOO much? Too much excitement! So am going to bed. (Writing this on Wednesday Night) I always blog the night before... tomorrow is Grateful Thursday. today is (when you are reading this) Grateful Thursday. I am grateful for all the goodies that have been flowing in my life this past month. Year. I took photos of something today on my noontime walk. birds up on a phone pole. Saw pretty red jewel earrings with gold stars in bead store window. Didn't shoot the red and yellow leaves on trees by my office. Was in a hurry to walk fast. Get to the thrift store for some clear glass spice bottles that would be great for storing beads why did I not see/think that when I saw them yesterday? gone today instead found one large clear glass jar with rubber seal top good for lots of beads mixed together Lynn go to bed If you don't post one day nothing bad will happen. Li'a Tov Good night Good morning Enjoy this day.


  1. Be careful now. We don't want you to crash and burn. Pace yourself. Everything is going right in your life. Try to relax and enjoy it.

  2. Rest is my middle name. Lynn dear, you need to take care of yourself and as Lisa says pace yourself. You are a whirlwind. We love to feel your energy through your posts about your world. But yes, missing posting for a few days in fact or a week or whatever pace works for you is fine. And not really considered "missing," in the sense of we are all blogging without obligation, no? Have a good rest.

    My bro has asked me not to write about him on my blog, so I had to be elliptical in my post. He is not evicting me of course, just going to start charging rent, which I am sure he is justified in doing. Up till now the estate account paid the bills but soon the estate will be closed. I just am creating a sense of urgency because I would rather not have to pay him any money. So it is me really causing my own situation in reaction to his action. Thanks. Suki

  3. I did a similar post today ;)

    I remember when I missed my first Illustration Friday in over a year. I was devastated.
    Then I started taking on daily blogging challenges and honestly it feels too much sometimes.
    When life threw some curve balls at me recently I fell behind in all of my postings. I couldn't (and still can't) catch up and it's okay!
    What I love about our little community is that we're here for one another whenever we show up. How cool is that?

    Please rest. We're no good to anyone if we burn ourselves out.
    Moderation dear friend. We'll be here ;)

  4. Yes pace yourself. I am doing that. If you don't, this will just end up being a chore instead of the fun it is. We will be back to see what you're up to if you dont post a day... because we KNOW you are creating every minute of a day in your head so its bound to be showing up soon on your blog. :))

  5. The blogging police won't be putting you on the watch list anytime soon. Slow down and smell the roses and take it easy. You don't want to injure that creative brain of yours!

  6. i agree with lisa, we do not want you to get ill from utter exhaustion. you are always nagging me to rest, now i am nagging you. love the new header and know you are loved by us all. me especialy. laila tov dear heart.

  7. Yeah I have the same feeling too, I broke my record of not updating for a week but I am just too tire to you said....He..He..

    I agree with Lisa, take care yeah. I love your cactus monday shot, That's a cool cool one!


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