Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Henry V in his nest on Animal Wednesday

This goose stands on our front doorway greeting all who come our way... And just a step away Henry V hides in his nest of foliage peeking out as the world marches by.
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I promised I wouldn't bore you with the preparations for this next leg in my art quilts journey...but suffice it to say, I spent a good three hours today constructing new hanging apparatuses from thin black bamboo poles to suit the next venue place...hanging tags from gold wire from brads that match the colors of the quiltlets from the quilts themselves.
I also painted in my little art journal I am creating for a special purpose to be disclosed
at a later time.
I'm happy when I can blend real job hours with art making sandwiched inbetween.
Today it worked that way.
Happy Animal Wednesday
What art did you create today?
Or how were you creative?


  1. Hey Lynn - I made that card just for you and am so glad that you like it! HAW and Henry is so cute curled up like that.
    I would love to see your hanger - I only have Sunny on a pole which isn't too pretty but want to make a good looking hanger.
    No art today - too busy...but there's always tonight and tomorrow etc

  2. Henry is so cute peeping out. Love your little book of faces. Nothing creative yet, but hope to soon.

  3. Henry and your goose are darling. HAW. I am going at the art books with starts and stops.

  4. Cute Henry...HAW!!!

    No art so far...should come up with something.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new header. I love what you did in your book.
    Henry is so cute. and I have a duck/good similar to yours on our front porch. :)No Art today either. Am helping friends move today. Happy Arting.:)) I can tell your new show will be fab again.

  6. oops.. that is I have a duck/GOOSE similar to yours on our porch. its early here. LOL

  7. Henry always looks so cute curled up in these little places.

    Lynn, I don't think there is anyone that is as creative as you!!!


  8. Hi Lynn, such a sweet guy, Henry Vth!:) I could cuddle him:)
    I have created lots and lots and lots of photos on and around the Eiffeltower:)
    And got the goodies for the giveaway, come and look,

  9. I love Henry's expressions ... or let me say expression. He only seems to have one!

  10. Re art created today - I was editing some more of a video I'm doing for a drum group. Now I'm resting before going out at 2 pm

  11. Mim, I had a feeling that card had my name written all over it. So glad I could purchase it fromyour Etsy store.

    Okay, I'll post some photos of the art hanging on the black bamboo poles.

    Lisa, happy to hear the art books are traveling and being worked on. I think you have mine on your design table now.

    Deep, I am sure you will have a creative surge any time now.

    Cris, glad you like my new header.
    Am proud of my painting experiments.

    Teri, not true, I derive much of my creative energy from your creative endevors.

    Andrea I will be there soon. After my next client.

    Elpeth, your videos rock.

    Marianne, Henry loves you too!

  12. No art art today...but I creatively watched my granddaughter...we shared a lot of laughs and love!!!

    Henry looks so cute all snuggled down in the grass!!!


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