Monday, November 16, 2009

Cactus Monday and New Show Venue

Happy Cactus Monday!
Photo taken on Saturday morning by the rock shop in town. Chris in WI is having a give away!
Hurry over to sign up for your chance(s)!!! and not just fabric but lots of other pretties too... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What a week, what a weekend, and the show goes on. I am writing this on Sunday night. Just let it be known that is just is not humanly possible to stay as far UP as I have been for weeks now and not come down again. I crashed around six p.m. Sunday, Pacific Standard Time. By crashing I mean that feeling when your blood sugar drops dramatically suddenly and you feel like crying or hitting someone. You'll be glad to know I did neither. I felt like I knew what someone suffering from manic depression/bio polar disorder must feel like when they shift moods quickly and dramatically. But I didn't need medication. I needed food/dinner. After dinner I feel balanced again. The show ended well. There were no sales, however if you add up the kudos I received you can see I am a very very very rich woman. The gentleman from Mojo Flow Studio came by per our appointment and we signed a contract for me to take my load of art to his studio to hang there for two weeks starting next Friday. I packed up my art and brought it home. I will not make you listen as I slide boards onto the hanging sleeves on the backs of fabric pieces and add wire so they can be hung on picture hooks, one each, per his request. I will not bore you with details of safety pinning ribbons hanging from the art holding the little quiltlets with descriptions, size, my name and prices. (so they don't have to be nailed to his walls. Okay, I might remind you on Friday that I am indeed hanging it all again in a new place. I have to say I now feel like a real live really am a honest to goodness ARTISTE!


  1. Wow Lynn a second show!
    No wonder you were exhausted in the weekend and nearly broke down!
    You have to take care now dear!
    But cool you have a second one so soon, and YES you ARE a real artist!
    We already knew that ;)

    You rest now

  2. I'm glad you crashed...that was your kina hora - not so bad.

    yes...Lynn dear friend - you ARE an artist, and a very good a prolific one. Enjoy it.

  3. Lynniskynni:) That is great, your next artistshow already coming soon, have fun! And: Don't forget to eat:)

  4. Wonderful on the new show coming up too. Maybe there will be more at the end of that one. The more places your art is shown the more chance of selling something too.
    I am glad you didnt FALL to far down and that food revived you. You still have much to look forward too. :))

  5. Comgratulations on having a second show.
    Nice cactus picture, can you eat those red fruits on top of them?

  6. Wow! No wonder!

    BTW...You ARE one of the richest ladies I know...Your heart is full of treasure! :)

  7. A crash now and then recharges your batteries and gives your adrenalin a rest.

    And yes, you are indeed an artiste and we all knew it a long time ago.


  8. omg lynnie you are a real life artiste, and in my opinion have always been one. double congrats and may you sell loadsa stuff.

  9. Marianne, I wish I was home taking it easy now...I am at work and having a hard time staying awake today. I will rest.

    Andrea, no problem with eating...

    Mim, the kina hora bit too. LOL

    Cris, thanks...

    Margreet, I do believe the red plants are edible on the cactus.

    Teri, thanks and Soul Thanks all of you for reaffirming my artistry.
    I think I know this, but the show was just such a huge validation...because people were so interested and appreciative.
    Sometimes I guess I need to see and hear that to really realize it myself. I do have a tendency to see others art and think I am not THAT GOOD! YOu know how one can do that at times. Maybe it's just me.

  10. Congrats! Doncha just luv that feeling? Bask in it, Roll in it, Snuggle down deep in it. Keep up the good work.

  11. are busier than anyone I know! Congrats on your show and new upcoming one as well. How exciting!!! Remember to eat regularly, tho, OK?????


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