Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life Just Keeps Getting Sweeter and Sweeter

Saturday was a joyous day...First trying to get my feet on the ground after the extreme high of the previous day/evenings art show (see Saturday blog post if you missed it)... Then we just hung out around town and I found myself eating and drinking treats through out the day...Starbucks eggnog latte in the morning...pumpkin pie at the bakery in the afternoon... between trips to the rock shop...thrift store...(where I saw an awesome vintage dress, got some wonderful Japanese art, and embellishments for my art work...) ...then coming home to pack up to go to see our kids and grand kids for babysitting. I took new paint kits for the kids and they dove right in to painting (wearing the re purposed jean art aprons I made them (but forgot to photograph...they loved putting the paint brushes in the pockets. These are paintings done on small canvas'. Grand son's guy...Grand daughter's mushrooms...
Then Grandpa and Grand son made music on the guitar. Grandpa sang, Aaron strummed to the correct rhythm and grandpa just used his hand on the frets.
He'll have to have his own real guitar soon...we are thinking Chanukah!
My stunning daughter getting ready to go out for the evening with her handsome husband.
We did more crafts with husking dry corn, collages with corn kernels, wine corks, pennies, acorn shells and paper.
Then we used needles and thread to string water soaked kernels of corn (I'd soaked the night before and brought for this craft) and made beautiful jewelry.
and finally baths, hair washing, teeth brushing/flossing
and story time.
There is nothing sweeter than story time with my grand kids.
Update on the art show. One of the guests who came through the show on Friday night
is meeting with me today to choose from the art to hang in his dance/exercise studio
for this coming Saturday night music program he is hosting there. Also in Davis, CA.
His studio is called Mojo Flow Studio and can be seen at
My art is making the rounds it seems.
I could not be more pleased.


  1. A perfect day is right oh famous Lynn!

  2. wonderful and I adore those striped pj's

  3. What a great after party this was!

  4. Lots of fun going on when Grannie Lynns around. :) I see you are wearing your new necklace too. Your Daughter is a beauty too. Hope this next show works out too. who knows where this might lead?

  5. Oh wow, your post and your photos are so precious. It's wonderful when I visit a blog and it's about real stuff right from the heart. Your grand kids are so precious


    ps. Thanks for all your wonderful comments on the blogs. I appreciate the time it takes to visit and comment. I love to hear from you x

  6. There's so much love in this family! Just look at the way your Grandson is looking at your husband, and the way you're looking at the kids on the sofa at reading time. Just beautiful!

  7. Thanks all...yes, Lolo, there is a lot of love there. Grandson adores his grandpa. And they play beautiful music together. I feel very loved by both kids. And I cannot measure the love I have for them. I ache in the best way with it!

  8. how wonderful!
    (Did you have a superstitious jewish grandma? I did, and I just did you a favor by doing a little "patooie" to the side when I read the title of your post)

    Aside from that superstition...ENJOY!

  9. A wonderful family evening and written with such love! Beautiful family Lynn!

  10. Lynn, you are mightly blessed with family and talent. Cheers.


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