Saturday, November 14, 2009

See Lynn Smile...See Lynn Floating On A Cloud!

I'm not even quite sure how to describe my feelings about my first solo art show. I was afraid to have any expectations. I had to keep fighting the thought about "Who do you think you do this thing?" But fight it I did. I went feeling confident about my work. But I was not prepared for the deluge of reactions I got from the people who came to the show. Verbally and in writing in this little comment book...enough praise to last me the rest of my life here on earth. I kid you not. My dearest, oldest FRIEND Patty came with her husband Bob, early so we could go to dinner together before the show. My brother got there at five too and I was just finishing putting everything on the walls. The store hadn't even closed yet, so the store owner, Maia, set the three pieces up on these low table top easels and one large standing easel for me after we left.
We enjoyed a delicious dinner down the street, DH got there in time to eat with us too and then we all walked back to the art store.
Friends started arriving, and it was such a rush to watch them looking so closely at each wall hanging.
People had a hard time keeping their hands off the textured pieces here. And I invited them to please touch as the ribbons and velvet in so luscious. I wanted them to have the whole experience. It was strange and wonderful to see all my art quilts on a wall outside my own home. And not just one or two as when I've had some in a juried or non juried show at the local gallery, but to see 16 pieces all mine, all at once was amazing. Terry Busse was one of the first to arrive. She gave each piece her full attention. It was so much fun to hear her reactions and to talk about the Seeds of Hope I & II with her, as I had used her wooly bits from her ETSY store, and her generous gift of fabric for the borders.
My dear friend, Diane, who you know as a quilter extraordinaire of many years experience, had many favorites. Here she is appreciating my families memory quilt depicting the times during WWII. Many visitors spent a lot of time looking at this one. I'm glad I decided to bring it to share.
And there were many, many people who I did not know at all. People who came to see one more artists works for the 2nd Friday Art About in town. And they were so effusive, had questions, listened while I explained things... and gave much appreciated kudos for it all.
The cookies were a big hit too.
And then there were the comments that filled several pages of my reactions book, written in English, Chinese, Hebrew and French!
Thanks to everyone who came and let me share my art with you.
Thanks to all of you in blogland who listened to me ad nausea prepare for this show and supported me so strongly and continue to be the spirit that inspires and moves me to create more.
Maia, the store owner, said that I had absolutely without a doubt drawn the biggest crowd
she's had at any of the artist showings till now.
That felt good to hear too.
Oh and one man wants to talk to me about possibly hanging my art at his
dance studio, and maybe commission me to do something for his walls.
We'll see. Good night.
Lynn, finally getting sleepy
midnight after the show


  1. wow lynn! this is so GREAT!congrats!

    i'm really so excited for you and i can see how beautifully you're soaring... you and your fabulous art really deserve much attention and praise...

    thanks for putting up the photos so that we can share the experience... though i really wanted to touch some of them...

    love and peace to you

  2. I am so proud of you Lynn. Way to go. I knew your work would be well received. It is great.

  3. Hurray!!! and I have my own private piece from the famous Lynn - I am so smart for buying Sunny before you got big and famous!
    Congrads on the show, it's wonderful.

  4. this post brought tears to my eyes. I only wish i could have been there in person. You know, that first photo of you, your smile is so wide, you just glow!!! Contratulations on all the wonderful feedback on your beautiful work and on being brave and going forth with your first, but not last, one woman show. You are an inspiration.

  5. Congratulations Lynn! Your show is so crowded and looks amazing!

  6. I got such a kick out of your work (finally) being the center of attention!!
    The turnout and compliments were well deserved!

    Yay you!!!!!

  7. WOW.. You are a one woman show now. Bravo. You did a very professional job there showing your work. I know you went thru a lot in the last few weeks once you found out you were going to have this show and the process paid off. I expect good things to come from this. It was really impressive seeing ALL your work hanging together like this. and its fun seeing it and knowing all you put into each peace and why you did it. You deserve a Standing ovation!!!!!

  8. Oh wow Lynn!!!! Congratulations!
    It all looks and sounds so good!!!!
    Must have been a thrill!
    Good you were confident because you have all the right to!

    Now you enjoy the feeling hope it will linger for a long time!
    Saw some awesome pieces but couldn't enlarge them.

    have a wonderful weekend

  9. Wow oh Wow Lynn. Congratulations on such a fab showing and turnout. No surprise to us who know how creative you are. Now, many more also know.

    Gosh, you are famous.

  10. This post is fantastic! And so was that show!! It is fun to watch the faces of the people admiring your work, isn't it? I think that was my biggest thrill of all when I did stained glass. I love the expressions when they see your work for the first time. You just get all warm inside. Congratulations, I hope you get many sales and many, many more exhibitions.

  11. Lynn,
    Congratulations! You put so much energy, patience, love and work into each piece and into putting this show on. You deserve every bit of the wonderful reception your art got. I am so happy for you, but especially because you have the comments book to keep forever. What a special night. K

  12. Lynn,
    I wanted to be there so badly but I've been plagued with H1N1. Thank you for posting. The pictures are beautiful, although I'm sure they don't do your wonderful creations justice. I'm so happy you had such a magnificent turn out!

  13. Hi Lynn, Congratulations on your first Solo show, with such a huge success! Your artwork there on the walls sure look awsome, and seeing it alltogether there, show us how very busy you have been creating during the last couple of years. I'm very happy for you seeing all these heads in there looking at your work and leaving kind comments in your little book.
    This is the best motivation:) Have a great Sunday

  14. Dear Lynn, I am so happy for you! I read all this thinking what a brilliant show! You certainly deserve all those super comments - I love the photos of everyone peering so closely, inspecting your colours and textures! I'm sure you must be sitting back, relaxing and thinking - Yes, all that hard work was so worthwhile!!

  15. Congratulations Lynn!!!
    Its wonderful to see your gorgeous show becoming a huge success.
    Really proud of you:)

    Its really nice to see all your pictures arranged.

    All the Best!


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