Friday, November 13, 2009

First Journal Pages; Gift To Myself; & Sukipoet's ATCs

My first attempt at making a journal page with art. I admit to wanting to someday be as good at this as Judy Wise is now. I am doing this on a children's hard cardboard page book, which I first lathered in Gesso, then painted. After the Gesso and paint dried I drew the faces and then I painted them. They went through several layers of paint and ink embellishments. And then I covered them in Mod Podge. I cut out fabric for clothes and Mod Podge glued them in place. (It's still wet on the purple shirt) And finished it with more Mod Podge on top. I think I can still write on them if I want to. I am definitely in an experimental stage!
Guess who!
Yesterday I got a bee in my bonnet about wanting some new jewelry to wear to the art show tonight. So I made a bee line to the bead store downtown, a place I walk by every lunch hour. This time I went in. I found this ready made by artist Jessica Lindemar, necklace and I liked it. It's made with Ceramic Kazuri beads, carved wood, taqua nut, bone and horn with natural brass. The beads are the same ones I used on Soulbrushes commissioned art quilt wall hanging in 2008. These beads are hand made by Kenya women to support themselves. I find them quite beautiful. I wanted some earrings to go with the necklace, so Dave, the man who owns the shop said he could make some up for me. He got busy looking for matching/blending beads and created these on the spot. I wanted long and dangly ones not too heavy and he did a wonderful job. He did not charge me for making them. Just for the materials used. How about that generosity! I will feel very artsy at my art show tonight! He threw in the pretty India fabric bag for me to keep them in.
Last but not least here are two wonderful ATCs that arrived early in the week from Sukipoet!
I love her Home theme, as she has her heart set on finding the right home that will make her happy. Lets send lots of positive energy her way for this to happen!
Home Sweet Home
Come back tomorrow to see the ART SHOW!


  1. At first I thought you had made that necklace and was about to exclaim "is there anything you can't do!!". I wouldn't have been surprised if you had just dashed in, got beads and whipped up a necklace and earrings.

    Good luck at the art show

  2. I like the beginning of your art journal. I was so curious to see what you would do with those gessoed pages. Great start.

    Best of luck at your show. You will be as beautiful as your art all dolled up with new jewelry.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your girls you have painted so far. Fabulous. I love your necklace too. What fun you are going to have tonight all decked out as the ARTISTE that you are. I am crossing fingers that no rain appears till after the show is over. :) Love the ATCs from Suki too.

  4. Mim, it's really funny that you said that about my making a necklace myself. Because I had the urge to take a lesson from that guy and learn how to do this. Maybe it is something I'll get into.
    Thanks for your good wishes.

    Lisa, glad you like the journal pages...and thanks for your good wishes for the show. I love my new jewels!

    Cris, thanks for all your support while I've been in a frenzie getting ready for tonight. You are a good listener and friend!

  5. Getting all dressed up for your show. How exciting. These beads are wonderful.

  6. Break a leg at the show tonight Lynn!!

    You'll look smashing in your new jewelry ensemble ;)

    Love the atc's by Suki. Sending good vibes to her!

  7. Thanks Kelly!

    Lolo, I was hoping someone would say that to me...break a leg! Thanks so much! ;-)

  8. great art, great jewellery, great suki's art.

  9. love the necklace Lynn. Have a wonderful time at the art show tonight. I'm so proud of you!

  10. Wow, all this is really cool! Your paintings turned out really well, I think. Looks like you had fun at least.
    Love that jewelry! I like chunky, natural-looking jewelry and I really like the copper chain. So custom made looking.

    Good luck at your art show!

  11. your faces are great. I too was inspired by Judy Wise this week and hope soon to post about it. Glad the show went well (I've already seen your post about that) and the jewelry is super. Hurrah for you.


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