Thursday, November 12, 2009

Frenzied Day

Yesterday I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. If you are not living in America this might be a phrase you are unfamiliar with. The link to its meaning is here.
Its amazing how much goes into setting up an art show. You must be so tired hearing about it by now, and will be so glad when it is behind me. But just to give you a bit of the last minute preparations:
I've been hunting for just the right pins to hang the fabric art and settled on gold round tipped extra long sewing pins. Got two packages for FREE at Joanne's Fabric store due to a 50% off sale they had yesterday. (I bought some sewing machine needles too/not sure how the sale worked but the $5+ packs of pins were then FREE.)
I woke up the night before last in a frenzy about how all the art was going to fit on the walls so got up extra early (hadn't slept much anyway) and moved furniture and measured out my floors in two rooms to the art stores wall measurements and laid out the wall hanging, then photographed them so I'd remember my final decisions!
Checked to see if I'd sewn/signed all my pieces and signed the ones yet needing signatures.
Sewed hanging sleeves and put wires where needed for hanging on all pieces.
Finished all the 4 x 6 inch cloth quiltlets with info about each piece and prices printed on.
I now have a total of sixteen pieces going in the show. One I borrowed from Patty that I'd given her, but wanted to show a second mixed media piece.
Bought foam board to hang three pieces on to put on easels at the store.
Bought picture hooks for the 2 framed and 4 canvas pieces.
Sewed fabric on a comments book for attendees to sign, write and/or draw in.
Packed colored pencils and pens and a cup for same to have available for this.
Made a note to remember my camera and batteries. I hate when I run out of battery power!
Need to remember to pack a hammer.
And in the meantime I got invited to join an international art exchange and have to produce a small piece of art by the end of the coming week! So of course I started that today already.
Thank G-d I did not have many clients at work yesterday. It gave me all morning and most of the afternoon to obsess about the art show!
I wonder if I've forgotten anything?
Gas for the car.
Get dressed.
Next week I'm going to do something very restful.
Yeah, sure!
Thanks for listening.
Draw a picture of a chicken with its head cut off.
And name it Crazy Lynn!
PS I need to remember to take things out of my ETSY store before the show. Godforbid they should sell in two places at once! LOL


  1. yes...crazy alright. You are freakin me out! ummm but also how EXCITING! you are ready for your show....

  2. wowee - fun and exciting and tons of work - but I'm sure it will go well. I would have sent you Sunny if you need to exhibit the beauty (as long as it says sold on it!). I could put a sign up in my house that says "on loan to an art exhibit" - how cool would that be.
    Anyway, good luck with the show!

  3. Such excitement. No wonder you can't sleep. Moving furniture to lay out your show. Then remembering to take pictures. Whew. I'm impressed just with your preparations let alone the art. Best of luck.

  4. Good luck...sounds like you should have everything you good thing about obsessing and being organized at Best wishes!!!!!!!
    P.S. Good luck witht hat restful week coming up!!! ;)

  5. Lynn, you wear me out!!!

    best of luck with the show. I know you'll be selling left and right!

    And please do allow for some down time next week or you'll really be down for a while!


  6. Whew.. that wore me out reading about it and you're doing it. I wish you would bottle that energy. lol It's going to be a fabulous show. I hope you sell sell sell. An art show takes work getting it together but it's worth it just for the experience of having one and sharing what you do. Enjoy it all.

  7. Mim, that is so funny you said that about Sunny! I made a tag for the shadow box I am borrowing from Patty and I wrote on it:
    From the Collection of Patty A.....
    What a hoot!

    I have no idea if anything will sell (the economy and all) but this is so much fun. I will enjoy just seeing people SEEING my art!
    And really the prep time has been exciting enough for me! LOL Really!
    But thanks for all your good wishes.

    Down time? We are babysitting the next day! LOL

  8. this is going to be a fab show. I can tell by the amount of freneticness you are going thru. :) Best of luck.

  9. you are actually giving me heart palpitations with all this activity, but you obviously thrive on it. take it a bit easy next week, and in th emeantime, have a wonderful time.

  10. I know how you feel. Good lucj=k with your show I am suer yo'll do well.

    Oh I hadn't realized I was doing self portraits at all. thanks for your comments

  11. Geez I feel like I just ran 10 miles listening to all you are doing and in the end it will be all worth it and then some. But please rest a little next week.


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