Wednesday, November 11, 2009

C = Cat or Who Wears The Pants In This Family? And My Tribute to Our Veteran

It's quite obvious, I think, who wears the pants in this family! Why, Henry V of course!
Happy animal Wednesday
Have a wonderful day!
And a Veterans Day tribute to my dear beloved Uncle Harry, now 90, who served in
the South Pacific during WWII.


  1. This is the cutest picture. Times like that I miss having a cat and finding them in funny places.

  2. That Henry is the most clever cat. He knows how to communicate even during nap time. HAW.

  3. What an adorable picture. They know comfort when they see it. lol

  4. Henry (original sleeping place!) and Harry - the stars of the day!

  5. What a beautiful cat, so cute ! and your photos in the last post are really nice !

  6. What a wonderful photo of your uncle...We indeed owe so very very much to that generation...A beautiful rememberance Lynn! :)

  7. thanks for the picture of yr uncle. Henry is so cute.

  8. Love both pictures one sleeping the sleep of the inocent and that brave young man!


  9. ahhh...
    for every moment of our life we owe to someone... those who fight for us...
    and even a cat who fills us with joy...

    that's why we can go on... inspite of difficulties...

    our little kitten looks like Henry V...

  10. ha ha, cute Lynn!!!
    I just adore tabbies. Especially males. I think male cats are more affectionate although I've had some lovey-dovey females in my life too.

    Bless your Uncle for his undying duty and honor ;)

  11. You crack me up. That is a great photo of Henry V


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