Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting Arboeal on Bloomin' Tuesday

Seth of The Altered Page is part a group doing
"Getting Arboreal"
I decided to do my bit here in regards to our big fig tree in our backyard showing the changes it goes through in a years time!
Spring leaves budding outSummer fruit coming inFigs ripening late summerBeginning of fallleaves all turn yellowlast leaf ready to fall leaving a bare tree with no leaves left until spring again last dead leaf winter Happy Bloomin' Tuesday Thanks Seth for the opportunity/idea to do this and invite fall and winter into our lives in such a lovely way. You want to see some AWESOME ART? Go to Seths Blog. Use the link at the top of this post!


  1. I have never eaten figs before except in a Fig Newton. Interesting plant.

  2. I love the trees but I don't care for the fruit. Fig is a common scent used in candles now too and I do love the smell!

    The link to Seth doesn't work :(

    beautiful photo essay of the fig tree's life Lynn!

  3. What a lovely series of photos Lynn! I like figs when they are really ripe - bought two imported ones at huge expense last month only to discover they were dry and tasteless!
    Pity the link isn't working...

  4. That was SO interesting to see the seasons flash by! Great capture!!

  5. The LINK at the TOP of my post will take you to Seth's Blog.
    I removed the one that did not work at the bottom of the post.
    Please Try Again, it's worth your effort to see his incrediable art work.

  6. We used to have a fig tree in CA once. It got so huge and was at our front door so we cut it down. Some one else planted a little stick of it before we moved never quit trying to grow once we cut it down... Tenacious bugars.. lol
    Fair cut hers way back this year as it was taking over. How do you keep yours from getting out of hand? but those figs made the best Strawberry fig jam we are eating now.

  7. I've had my fig tree trimmed once professionally last year to the tune of $300 I think.
    this year we had the gardener cut back branches that were hitting the side of the house.
    It is a monster, but I love the fruit.
    And yes we have small spouts that have jumped up in other parts of the yard.

  8. Beautiful picture story!
    I had a fig tree but had to remove it :( It became too much and it was on a place with the kitchen will be in the future.
    I didn't like the fruits so much but loved the fact it attracted so many butterflies!

    Have a nice day!

  9. You are too, too kind! Thank you Lynn. And I do love your shots. It is like stills from a movie showing the passage of time!

  10. Love the season of change from the start to the end!
    Where lives just begins...and shortly just say bye-bye!
    Reason to cherish the sweet moment!

    Hope you are doing great Lynn!


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