Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Cactus Monday & Sketchbook Art

A page from my evening sketchbook drawing...
This is cheating maybe? This is the back side of the sewn piece I shared last Cactus Monday. But I thought the back nice too. ;-) I hope your week is starting well. I had a busy busy Sunday finishing up loose ends for the art show which will be this coming Friday night:Putting wire on four canvas's for hanging; printing stories for backs of wall hanging art, sewing or gluing them in place; making a fabric cover for a Comments and Reactions Book!
Guesso-ing more pages in the journals I hope to make in the coming weeks.
Finishing the final stitches on a 8" X 12" piece for Quilts Around The World Challenge!
Talked on facebook Live Chat with Andrea, who is in Germany visiting her parents! Now that is fun. Talked to Cris in Oregon via on going emails.
Why do I suddenly feel tired? (Sunday evening)


  1. you are firing on all cylinders with your sketchbook nowadays. well done. hcm and i have no idea why you feel so tired.......grin

  2. wow, I should try that chatting live on FB - how does it work?

  3. I hope you got some much needed rest this weekend.

    Your sketch is great. Is it a self portrait? Someone mentioned that if you draw faces it is likely to be your own. I think that is an intersting thought.


  4. Even the art at the back looks good...Thats nice!!
    Lots to sketch?? Fun indeed...
    Lynn and tired doesn't seem to go together...You Go, Lady!!!


  5. Lisa, that was me who said something like that! Each time an artist paints a portrait there's always a part of themselves in it.

    faces are so hard to do!!!

    I've always loved the backs of your stitched pieces Lynn.
    I can't keep up with you or Soulbrush...holy smokes!!

  6. Busy as usual. Great sketch. Got to keep filling those sketch books for prosperity. :) I hope someone wants mine when I expire. :) AS for being tired. You do remmeber you also had a healthy looking tooth yanked out of your body on friday. lol
    Is that a live chat as in instant messaging back and forth? Not vocal.?

  7. Must be a self-portrait! Love the back of that piece.
    I get tired just hearing about all that you do.


  8. Soul, you and I both work on all cylinders all the time...guess it just makes sense we run out of gas occasionally!

    Mim, look at the bottom of the page on facebook, see CHAT and it shows who is on line at the time you are. A green dot means they are there (or their computer is on at least). You can write a message in the box. And if the other person is available and wants to talk they write back. It takes a few minutes. It was great fun talking (like instant messages Cris, yes) with Andrea in Germany.

    Lisa, the female head I drew was from looking across the room at a photo of my grand daughter. No, it does not look like her, more a chartature...and I guess there is some of me in can have a bit of me in it too. ;-)

    Deepa, thanks and ;-). You are right I am seldom as tired as I was Sunday night.

    Lolo, thanks about my stitches.

    Cris, I spoke of the messaging above to Mim. Many will want your sketchbooks. Hang on to them.

  9. The backside of that cactus quilt IS fascinating, really beautiful on both sides. Enjoy your art show on Friday, it sounds exciting!

  10. I have heard that one can tell the quality of a rug by looking at its back side and seeing that it is just as well done and beautiful as the front... I fell the smae holds true for your amazing stitching Lynn! Top quality all around! HCM! :)

  11. Lovely works Lynn!
    I still have to answer your mail........ I will do it soon!
    Yesterday I was busy finishing a mandala, painted till 1 o'clock in the night!
    Today I was out all day, went to Rotterdam to do something nice with Mom.
    But I will soon dear!


  12. Yes I love the back of it too, very simple but very effective

    Carolyn x

  13. Not cheating at all - am glad you posted it. It's really nice!

  14. I love the back too. You have been so busy, I hope you are having as much fun as it looks.
    Happy Monday, mary

  15. Solo art show? Where will it be held? I somehow missed this announcement. I hope you're going to take LOTS of photos so we can feel like we were there. Are you hanging all media...textiles and paintings and everything?

  16. Lovely cactus creation Lynn, I know why you suddenly feel tire....
    me too's because we are so passionately on the making mission and no time to rest, so a restful days for you...or perhaps restful hour will get you going again!


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