Sunday, November 8, 2009

Z = Zip-a-dee-doo-dah; Sketchbook page, Gesso, & Hint of new Projects

Time for "Z" the final letter in our ABC ATC Blog swap for the year. My Z= Zip-a-dee-doo-dah goes out to Lisa in Indiana. Two Z, zippy words in this song from my childhood. And a blue bird on her shoulder! Sketchbook page while recouping from my tooth ordeal that wasn't such an ordeal after all! I found myself doing more sketchbook pages last night thinking of Patty wanting them, funny, that gave me more inspiration...spurred me on to drawing more.Starting two new projects: 1. Using Gesso to cover pages in a children's hard page books for turning into journal pages later and 2. a hint of the quiltlet I made (it's about done) for the Quilts Around The World Group due to be posted end of December. I'm using hand painted muslin, and velvet from Chris in Wisconsin's Dyed Candy ETSY shop. Today I did a ton of felting at the machine and top sewing at my other machine. I'm definitely back in the saddle again. I also tried to upload unsuccessfully another Don Edwards video a more recent one of his singing the Coyote Song. He looks and sounds wonderful on this UTube video. I couldn't do it here but I did get it up on Facebook so go there if interested. Blessed Sunday to all and to all a good morning/night.


  1. I love the Zipadee doo dah atc Lynn. You are so creative. I love to read how your projects evolve. I feel like I get a hint of how your brain works. Marvelous. Gessoing a childs hard book for later use is a good idea. I will be curious to see what you do with that. I hope your Sunday is blessed and your week creative.

  2. yes i also remember and like zippadee doo dah. what a lovely new piece. i am so very glad that you are back on your feet and feeling better, thanks patty, you are a darling friend.

  3. glad you are recovering from the tooth incident. I signed up for the go round A-Z thing for next yr or at least I think I did.

  4. Oh yes I remember the song too. Enjoyed all your other work too. I can tell you're doing well as your on a roll again. :)

  5. Glad you survived the tooth-pulling. It's doesn't sound fun.

  6. Yep, this song was in my childhood too. You had a busy day, I am so glad you are feeling good.
    Can hardly wait to see the finished products.
    I have a old program called...Picture It. It doesn't tell you how to do things, you really have to know what you are going for and make it work your way...I hope that makes since. I should say there are tools that I have been able to figure out.
    I bought this program years ago when I was looking for a way to use family photos. I know there are more advanced stuff out there, but I have been comfortable with this. I am sure that Photoshop has everything a person would need.
    Having fun, Mary

  7. Your brain is in high gear again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Removing that tooth made more room for creativity. lol


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