Monday, December 14, 2009

Cactus Monday and Sunday Grandparent Bliss

I woke up Sunday morning and came downstairs to this trio on the couch. They were giggling and talking...such a bond they have with their grandpa.Grandpa's hat adds a lot to the playing of the new guitar too!
Doesn't he look a lot like Don Edwards here?
And please notice the Chanukah socks. He went home with them last year at this time when we couldn't find his socks!
And he has been wearing them ever since.
They are my socks, a Chanukah gift from friend Patty.
Grand daughter loved dressing her self up in this length of orange flowing fabric!
She also created a stack of pictures using my good marking pens!
The kids had to remind me to get out my collection of dreidels.
Some wooden, some plastic...they not only know all the Hebrew letters on them now
they can recite the entire Hebrew alphabet!
I am sure I'll be thinking of ways to wish you all
Happy Holidays from now and into the NEW YEAR! HCM


  1. You have such a beautiful family. What fun to have those Grands in your life. HCM.

  2. I agree, fun to have grankids. Adds an extra warmth and dimension to "old age." These two are a delight, I can see. They are so lucky to have a gram and gramps like you two.

  3. aaaw you have had such fun with them having a 'sleep over', and the designed doll clothes are superb- following in 'bobba's' footsteps. love that header...sigh. keep it there for a while please.and hcm cactuteer.

  4. Happy Chanukah! Your heading photo is wonnnnnderful.

  5. The header is lovely and ur grankids are so sweet:)
    HCM,HC,MC,n HNY to u too:)

  6. Great article. Happy Hanukkah and "Hag Sameach"!

  7. HCM Lynn, what nice pic of the family. The kids are gorgeous :)

  8. Oh dear, Your comment spot is blue and I couldnt find anything unless I put my cursor over the area.
    Anyway this photos are presious. So cute.
    I did notice your hair being darker but wasnt sure it wasnt the pictures being darker. Looks good.

  9. Oh and your pictures are PRECIOUS TOO. LOL Brain and finger's dont get along sometimes. lol

  10. Love the photos. I'm working on getting the fonts enlarged. I'm no spring chicken, either.


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