Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Chanukah With Family!

On Chanukah we light the menorah to commemorate the eight days the oil in the temple lasted...the miracle of light, thus the festival of lights...As today was the second of the eight days of Chanukah we lit two candles using the third or middle candle to do so and recited the ritual blessings over them. Grandpa helped the grand children light the candles. Grandma read the story of Chanukah to the grand kids. Our grandson so appreciated receiving his gift, this 3/4 sized real guitar and here he is carefully putting away his guitar pick.
He and his grandfather made beautiful music together.
My grand daughter loved the new baby doll she received.
Grand daughter made this bathing suit for her favorite toy monkey.
She designed it, cut it out, colored it and dressed it herself. I helped with the sewing.
A clothes designer at five!
We had latkes (potato pancakes) and apple sauce.
Stew and sour dough bread for dinner.
Chocolate macaroons for dessert.
Family fun, laughs and love.
And they are spending the night
so I get them again in the morning!!!!
Color me Happy!


  1. Your photos are full of love and light. All beautiful colors. Cheers.

  2. I can always feel the love here ;)

    Happy Chanukah!

  3. Oh I bet GS was beside himself when he got the Guitar. Will he have some lessons like GD is getting Ballet lessons? Looks like a fun day.

  4. looks like a lovely time for all. Grandpa and grandson have a shared talent. so sweet. you are very blessed. have a great weekend.

  5. aw, lynn, this is so sweet. what a great introduction for me to your blog. your grandchilden look so excited. imagine a first guitar!

    happy chanukah to each of you, lynn. have you gotten lolo's catcus atc yet? i think it was so cool that she did that for you.


  6. Thanks Lisa and Lolo...yes, the love is thick with us in our household...

    Mim, ;-)

    Cris, hope so. His dad showed an interest too so DH gave him one of his old guitars to take home for himself! Maybe they'll learn together.

    Thanks Suki...yes, very blessed.

    KJ, happy to have you in my blog family. The mail man has not yet delivered that special ATC but I am sure it is coming soon.

  7. that header and photo of the three of them gave me goos bumps, it is sooo lovely, makes me sad inside- i will never know this feeling with my grands. happy chanukah to you and yours lynnie, and your hair looks sooo nice that colour.

  8. Soul, might you not start some holiday traditions at grandie's house that are special just for you and your grand daughter? Bet you could!

    And thanks, you are the first to notice my new color. ;-)


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