Monday, December 7, 2009

A Game; My Daughter/Over The Hill; and Cactus Monday Not neccesarily in that order

Thanks For Playing!
Read below for the REST OF THE STORY Okay, I am following suite with Suki, Willow and Kelly and listing ten things about myself. One is false. You have to decide which one that is. Leave your guess in comments! 1. I slept on the beach alone in Mexico in a hammock for one week in 1960. I did do this,
I was 19 years young, and had taken myself to Mexico after working one and a half years
after dropping out of college. I was trying to make my money last 3 months, so had a book
on how to live in Mexico on Five Dollars a Day! I did it too.
The Mexican family that worked a kiosk on the beach rented me the hammock under a thatched roof on stilts for a few pesos. The Mama made me a breakfast of freshly caught fish and beans in the morning and corn tortias. It was the best food ever!!!! No one bothered me.
In fact one night I woke up to find a young Mexican boy laying on the sand next to me
and he had brought a blanket to cover me with.
I was safe as safe could be! He was my protector.
I got the best tan of my life that summer. 2. I met two men in Acapulco, Mexico and traveled with them to Oaxaca and then back up Mexico to California in their car. The two
men were Norman and Phil, college students from Boston/NY area.
They were traveling together. We befriended each other and I decided to travel
further south with them (they had a car, I'd been traveling by bus)
to Oaxaca, and they wanted to go to California so we drove together
and they took me home to my parents house.
Parents were a little surprised to see me arrive home with two guys
as they had not got the post card I sent them yet about them.
But it was fine. 3. I have traveled by ship five times between these countries/states/Islands: USA, Gibraltar, France, Israel, Venice, England and the Caribbean Islands.
Yes, I did all this. 4. I spent three weeks in China in 1982.
And I did this too. 5. I have Nat King Cole's autograph. True...My family was in
Los Angeles for New Years Eve in 1951,
I was ten years old.
Nat was having lunch at a popular restaurant for Movie Stars
and my dad told me to go ask him for his autograph and I did.
I also got autographs from Art Linkletter, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis
and Giselle McKinzie on that trip! 6. I dropped out of college in 1959. Sad but true...I wasn't ready yet. 7. I rode a bicycle until I was fifty years old; stopping after being chased by two dogs and never rode again. True 8. I have Elvis Presley's autograph. False
Judith Got this first
Soul, you needed to choose! Can't vote for two! Sorry.
Cris guessed right as well. 9. I was a virgin on my wedding night.
I traveled the world at a young age,
but I wasn't very worldly.
My mother told me to save this for marriage
and I did...what can I say?
It was a different era. 10. I worked in a screw factory in Israel
True. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Now Unrelated to the Game!
Today is my daughters birthday! 41 years ago I gave birth to a baby girl. I had a little boy already so I was overjoyed to learn it was a girl. In those days we had to wait to find out when the baby arrived. She has grown into a fine young woman. She graduated two colleges. She has a career! She married a nice guy. She birthed twin grandchildren for me (a boy and a girl)! Well, she birthed them for her and her husband, but I act like they were birthed for me! She is the calmest, warmest, most wonderful parent of any I know. She is doing it way better than I did! She is athletic! Fit! Smart! A great cook! I am so proud of her!!!!! Happy Birthday Sweetheart (I'll have to tell her myself as she does not read my blog!) And Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. Surely you didn't take off with someone you didn't know.


  2. I'll guess that you have not got elvis's autograph.

  3. happy brithday daughter, what a beauty, and you can see her serenity (i bet she gets that from you too).

  4. okay, mmmmm, either elvis or nat king cole's autograph you didn't get...mmm don't know which.

  5. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter!

    I'd say #1 is false. I don't think you'd last a whole week on a beach alone in a hammock.

    The cactus on my blog is for you! I painted it this morning in my wonderful, finally cleaned and unpacked studio :)

    HCM Lynn!

  6. Your uncle was spot on DO exude love!!! Two beautiful posts back to back show just the tip of your "light and love"!

    I really believe the Mexico stories...I had sometimes quite similar...I think the date on the college one is wrong! A great list!
    Hugs from AZ on this HCM!

  7. Hmm I have to think about this one. I could have gotten Nat King coles autograph when I live in Big Bear Lake in CA as he went into my Girlfriends parents music store alot. I was to chicken to get autographs so that sounds plausable. Elvis.. well not so sure. so I will say that.

  8. virgin on yr wedding night. your daughter is lovely, granddaughter too.

  9. First of all, I can see you doing all these things so I'm not even going to guess.

    YOur daughter is lovely and sounds as nice as her Mother!!


  10. Happy Birthday to your daughter, Lynniskynni:)
    The game: wow, that is difficult. I can believe that everything here is true, but the virgin when you married? Hmmm.....Well, you tell us, LOL
    much love

  11. Yes that's the one I guessed but didn't tell you.......(yeah we all can say that....)
    Was here yesterday but didn't leave a comment.......Sometimes I am in the middle of things and it goes wrong.

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

    And Happy (late) Cactus Monday!

  12. The game is over...I wasn't able to comment yester', tried but cudn't:(

    Anyways your life seems to be pretty exciting....really!!

    Happy Birthday to your daughter and a belated HCM!!!!

  13. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I love knowing more about the mother of your lovely twin grandchildren! I also loved hearing more about YOU. xox


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