Monday, December 21, 2009

More Holiday Cards

I really enjoyed my Sunday yesterday. It was a stay at home day...made a pot of chicken soup in the slow cooker, the aroma filled the I stood at my design table laying out more hand made cards to send to friends...and then sitting at the sewing machine putting them all together...
I finally found a use for lots of candy wrappers I had been saving... Some were pretty simple... just using fabric and threads... some a mixture of fabrics and paper, and extra embellishments like these large white sequins... and some a hodge podge of everything I could get my hands on...wrapping paper, candy wrappers, threads, glue, and sparkles... and felt, fabric and marking pens... I felt just like one of Santa's helpers...working away in my little elf shop! Such fun!!!!!
For someone who does not celebrate Christmas
I certainly got into the spirit of it all!
Oh dear, no cactus' got photographed or drawn today though.
HCM anyway~
I hope I don't get expelled from that group.


  1. Beautiful cards. These are the kind that no one wants to put away. You funny girl. No one would expell you from the group. HCM.

  2. Wow, I love the Chanukah one!! They're all wonderful!

    I'm spotty at entering a cactus every Monday and I haven't been expelled yet (I don't think!)

    Sometimes we just don't have time.

  3. Wow these are pretty elaborate. Loved the teddy bears on the one card. What a fun thing to do on a sunday at home. I can smell the soup too. oh that was ours. We had home made soup too.

  4. HCM!
    Each card is special Lynn!
    Glad to see you are having so much fun!

  5. Awesome cards!
    Consider this your first written warning of no cactus! ROFLOL Kidding, I'm kidding but I couldn't resist.


  6. Wonderful Cards! Thanks for the kind comments over at my blog. Have a wonderful holiday.


  7. I love your cards!!! And what a wonderful way to be "green".

  8. I can smell your chicken soup as you were working away like one of Santa's elves! LOL! I love your of a kind stunning little works! I did not do a CM post either...I have been a very naughty girl with that lately!!! LOL.

  9. i can feel the joy and relaxation seeping from these images. lovely.

  10. oh I've had such fun looking at your blog this evening, Lynn. What a wonderful collection of love, fun and life. Your page for Suki is wonderful - she is gonna freak when she gets it! And your cards are sew cute. Your work is so unique - so you. Love it.
    Happy New Year Lynn. I look forward to learning and sharing with you in 2010. Oh and your header is great!


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