Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Huge Surprise!

Last night my cousin called to WARN US that his parents were not doing so well...that they were far worse than how they'd been when I saw them two weeks ago. So all the way there I was preparing myself for sitting by their bedsides, holding their hands, being quiet with them. I was literally writing eulogies in my head, the words I would say at their memorial services. How surprised was I to find them not in their beds when we got there, in fact not in their room at all. We were told they were in the dining room. We nearly ran down the hall to find them eating lunch at a table.

They looked alert, well, almost as good as they had been before Uncle Harry's fall and fractured hip and surgery. We sat and talked and they were able to carry on a conversation...Harry lost his train of thought maybe twice...but he was in good humor, able to tell us stories from their past. Mimi had a good appetite and was busy eating her lunch with gusto. Harry said that when he left there he was going to write a letter to the head honcho to let them know the food was terrible! He asked me to please not tell him to eat it. I didn't. (Or I stopped).

I can't help but see my mother in my aunts face at times (her eldest sister) and myself too I think in a few years time. Especially how she held her hands. Just like mom and me. DH brought Harry a CD player with headphones and a Yiddish music CD. He loves the Yiddish language and music. We lost him for a while then as he listened with beatific smiles on his face and his hands strumming an imaginary guitar. We left it there for him to continue to enjoy.

Aunt Mimi enjoyed looking at family photos. She didn't know the names of all her great grandchildren, had to be reminded who was who (she has quite a flock of them) and her dementia was apparent, but she remained in good humor and in fact had us in stitches laughing
a good part of the time there.
Harry said they were old now, and that life had gone by so quickly.
We assured him we'd be back soon for another visit. I sure hope we get more of this. It was such a wonderful blessing all the way around.


  1. oh wow, what wonderful people, what spirit, what gusto, what a 'yen' for life. love these photos and love the fact that they are still together.

  2. OMG Lynn, what an unexpected gift you got there!
    What a touching post!
    When I saw my uncle this summer I had to cry so much because I saw my father in him...... So wonderful they life through in others and yes I think you look a bit like your aunt too.
    I am trying to catch up with blogging but have to do things here as well....will look at your other posts later...

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. your uncle is right, it all speeds by so quickly! do you think your cousin was seeing your aunt and uncle with different eyes, or did they have a miracle healing?

    to answer your other question, my DH loves to celebrate christmas so I got in the habit - many friends celebrate also so it's become rather generic. But, if he didn't want to do it, I'd give it up in a heartbeat aside from presents to friends who do celebrate. I love holiday cards, would do New Years wishes etc. I think if we'd had kids we would have had to take a stand, but without them, it doesn't really yes...we do both. I've taught the twins about Chanukah, and little presents for 8 days, they love it.

  4. Lovely. I'm so glad you had this wonderful visit with them and that it was the opposite of what you feared you would find on arrival. I love the way your aunt looks. she's a doll and yr uncle too listening to the music.

  5. What a wonderful couple...
    You must get to see more of them....
    they look like they've enjoyed their life together.
    Enjoy your time with your family over this holiday time..

  6. This is quite a wonderful heartwarming story on this cold, blustery snowy day. I adored seeing the pictures. Thank you Lynn!

  7. Well, so glad that turned out better than you expected! They look great to me. If I have to live long I hope I do as well. It's so nice of you to visit and make their day brighter.

  8. Well, isn't that wonderful...they sure did look great in the photos!!! How devine! What a wonderful visit! It is always so fantastic to see them with smiles and so happy!!!

  9. I am so happy your visit was pleasent rather then sad. Nice surpise for both of you. They looked pretty happy there. I too have an aged Aunt and Uncle. Think I will go call them today.

  10. I was so pleased to hear about your visit to see your aunt and uncle. They must be made of tough stuff to have pulled themselves around. Good on them.

  11. I'm so glad you were able to have a god visit. Have a great rest of your weekend.

  12. Yay! That's fantastic!

    People told my brother and I that we would need to see the humor in my dad's dementia sometimes, and they are absolutely right. His personality changed in such a way that he's always making us laugh. A bit of a blessing, despite the circumstances.

  13. What a lovely post Lynn and what a surprise you got! Thankfully. They sound like great characters. Do visit them when you can.

  14. What a wonderful reunion. I hope you have many more.


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