Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thank You for Chanukah Gifts!

A scrappy Chanukah Card was made from grocery store bag paper for the menorah/candle holder; shiny fabric cut on the selvage edge, which made for awesome flames!
Sewn with gold metallic thread.A card with pictures helps the kids read it themselves, or at least
read along!

Sometimes my thread tension gets all loose like this and it used to make me scream, but sometimes like on the backside of this card I think it looks cool. Almost like Hebrew writing, especially if you don't know Hebrew!


I had such fun making this card I went ahead and

made a bunch more like it to send as Chanukah cards to my

family and Jewish Friends.

Shabbat Shalom

Happy Saturday!


  1. ooohhh,ooohhh.....
    I'm jewish, I really am!!

    love these Lynn, especially the idea of using the selvege for the flame, very clever.

  2. What a neat menorah card!!!
    I sure wish my creative spark would come back really needs to! You do such beautiful things, and are an inspiration, Lynn!!!

  3. Beautiful card for the wee ones. I love the gold thread and most of all the thread of love that goes through the card. Peace.

  4. its so much fun coming to see what you are creating next. Such fun. Its inspiring me to do some of my own cards instead of buying them this year.

  5. Wow, this is a keepsake for the lucky people receiving one! Beautiful.

  6. Lynn, this is magnificent! Wow, you truly have a vision for fiber arts!

  7. these are beautiful and i love your card you sent, it is very precious.

  8. Fabulous card and I love the way you write the letters with pictures in. What a great idea.


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