Tuesday, January 26, 2010

20 Years Ago This Month and Henry's Health Report; And Harry & Mimi Update Too~

This photo was taken at my graduation from the University of San Francisco 1988
where I obtained my Masters Degree in Counseling/ Psychology I must have been smart, look at the size of those glasses!!! (& btw now you know my real hair color!) LOL
It just dawned on me that twenty (20) years ago this month I received notice that I passed my two huge exams and was duly licensed to practice psychotherapy as a Marriage Family and Child Therapist (or MFCC) in the state of California! I am now called a Marriage Family Therapist or MFT. I was so surprised and OVERJOYED beyond words when that letter was in our mail box in January 1991.. It's amazing that I did not faint on the spot. In fact, I kept fearing they had made some dreadful mistake and would call to ask for it back. But that thank goodness never happened. It was a long haul...six years of university study, 3000 supervised internship hours and two grueling examinations. I remember being in a study group near the end of it all and saying to another woman in line that NOBODY besides those of us who had taken ourselves through all of this would have a clue as to how much of our lives we had sacrificed to become a counselor. Well maybe that is a tad strong, however, we did find it quite grueling and trying to say the least! So...all that said, I am very proud looking backwards at this career of mine. In 1991 the people I knew who had 20 years in the field under their belts were OLD. I never thought I'd see the day...and now I am laughing, as I am one of those OLD people with this wonderful feather in my cap! *****

HENRY SAID: "This is what I think of this vet!"

Henry V got into see the Vet today (Monday). He had a problem eating starting we think last Friday. He would take a bit of kibble, choke and spit it out with a bunch of white saliva. As a result he didn't eat for three days, but kept trying in fits and starts. He seem lethargic. This morning the Vet said he'd need to be sedated and x-rayed to see if there was anything in his mouth or throat or intestine or stomach causing this problem. Because he had eaten some soft cat food without problem Monday morning, they'd have to keep him there and wait six hours for him to digest that food to start the process. So I bid Henry adieu and went to work. The doctor called me at 5:30 PM to tell me that the x-ray showed nothing untoward, no foreign objects anywhere. No thread in his mouth. Next step? Could he send in a blood sample to look for possible pancreatic distress? Yes, sure. It's only money. So Henry is spending the night at the animal hospital tonight. The test results won't be back until late tomorrow afternoon. If it's pancreatic whatever...they may want to keep him there longer on fluids and antibiotics. If not I'll go get him and put him on soft foods for several days. Keep your fingers crossed.
The US has a health care problem. I never considered getting health care for my cat. Want to know what the bill looks like so far?
Initial exam: $43.
Sedation: $50
X-ray: $150
Hospital stay per day: $30
Blood test: $140
Total so far: $368 US
Had he needed surgery? $2000
More care? Don't know yet!
Lucky kitty...we love him so we will pay.
But health insurance for kitties? That is the question.
* ******************
One more good thing!
Uncle Harry moves from Rehab Center living today to Assisted Living where Mimi has been holding down the fort in their new apartment there. Harry told me that he felt like a nervous groom. He said he is looking forward to moving in with his lover! He told his son that he might just spend the whole day in bed with her! ;-) Being apart this past month was hard on him.
He's concerned he might become overwhelmed again living with her and dementia. I assured him they would have all kinds of new help at Assisted Living, but if he did start to feel over whelmed in the least little bit he was to call me and I would make sure he got the help he needed. He promised me he'd call.
In the meantime, I am hoping for a let up in the rain so we can go visit them on Saturday in their new home.


  1. Congrats on your 20yr anniverary of passing your exams.

    I hope Henry gets a clean bill of health after all of this. No surgery please. I have often thought we would do well with dog insurance. I think there is such a thing.

    Glad your Aunt and Uncle are moved into assisted living. Such a rough time in life for them.

  2. Wow, Lynn that is a fantastic achievement! 20 years! You go girl!

    I'm saying my prayers for Henry and hoping that all goes well. I too have been considering pet insurance as the cost of care is so expensive. Chief is almost 9 weeks old now and I want to him around for many years. Healthy.

    Uncle Harry sounds adorable! How comforting it must be for him to know he has you all to help, if he needs it!


  3. Lynn, you sound a bit like me: my husband had to do the math for me at my last birthday... I was actually a year *younger* than I thought!
    You're on your Nineteenth anniversary. *Next* year will be your 20th! (1991 to 2001 = 10 years, and 2001 to 2011 = 10 more years)
    But celebrate anyway!!! 19 years is still A LOT of ACCOMPLISHMENT!
    Well wishes are being sent for Henry!
    And also for your Aunt & Uncle!

  4. Isn't it amazing how the time flies! I, too, have been practicing professionally for 29 years now...I am only 52...crap! But I do feel like I am the old, experinced one now!!! It's a good feeling, for sure! Congrats!

    Poor Henry...wishing all good for him.

  5. congratulations on such an achievement, lynn...that's wonderful! i just started seeing an MFT two weeks ago after shrinks this past 20 years and the difference in style is amazing--in a good way! ;)

    awful how expensive is the beloved cat but glad he is going to be good as new..and same for your uncle and his love, how sweet is that?! ♥♥

  6. so much here. congrats on how ever long you have had your licence as it is a big acheivement getting it but also keeping up that licence with all the tests you need to do regularly. So far so good on Henry the cat. Hoping its mild what they find. and Good news on Uncle Henry for going home...Well new home with more help & he has you too. and yes Pets can cost bit time going to the Vets. youch.

  7. yay, henry, no foreign body!!

    yes, there's good pet insurance policies out there. Best to get them in place with younger animals to get your moneys worth ;)

    I took my cat to the vet today. $301 and change. And it was routine but she has many issues and this was a new vet who did many things. Oy.

    Congrats on 20 years under your belt. I have no doubt you're an awesome, caring counselor!

    Yippee Uncle and Aunt are together again!!

  8. Oops, Wendy is right even if her math is no better than mine or she has a few typos here. It is my 20th year so I haven't actually practiced as a licensed counselor 20 years until the END of this year. I am ENTERING my 20th year!
    Sorry, sure don't want to misrepresent myself here.
    However, if you count the 3 years before licensure of internship work I have a good 21 years under my belt. It feels like a lot more!

    Thank yo all for your concern for Henry. I sure hope I get to bring him home today.

    And yes, I am so happy for Uncle Harry getting to move to his new abode with Mimi today too.

  9. Congrats on 20 successful career years. I've never done anything for 20 years in a row (except be alive and be creative).

    Glad to know H the 5th doesn't have any blockages. Hope it's nothing serious. The bills are high, but when it comes to pets, you know we will pay. God speed, Henry. Sleepy Jasper sends best wishes for a successful recovery.

  10. 20 years! Congratulations!

    What you wrote about your uncle's excitement at moving back in with his wife is just the sweetest thing. I wish my parent's could have had a relationship like that!

  11. I will keep my fingers crossed for Henry.
    Will you keep your fingers crossed for our cat Sifra? She is sick too. It started with a nasty inflamed bite on her tail, making her sick, this was treated with antibiotics (on saturday night) and now she isn't eating much and can't keep the things she does eat down. She has had an injection for this, which helped temporarely and now we have to give her drops, which smell bad and which we haven't managed to force her to drink yet.

  12. Congratulations on this wonderful achievement! It is never an easy task to accomplish this and then suddenly we are 'old'. Old but happy.

    Any kind of medical bills seem to be enormous no matter who it is. Poor Henry, I hope it is just an 'issue' that resolves itself.

    Good plan for Uncle Harry.

  13. Looks like Jasper is empathising with Henry. He vomited today and has a slight fever.

  14. Oh I LOVE that picture of you. Cool shades too. I loved those big dark glasses.. kind of Jacki O..
    You snuck that in on us. Cute cute picture.

  15. It's breathtaking how fast 20 years passes, isn't it?
    (or even 19)
    Any thoughts of retiring?
    Love the pic of Henry,,he speaks his mind. They can cost a fortune,but they are so worth it.

  16. Congrats, I would celebrate too. I hope Henry gets well, I know how costly vets can be. Your family looks so cute...Harry is doing well and that is always good news.
    Hugs, Mary

  17. Congratulations Lynn are your wonderful accomplishment, and all the years that you have been helping others along the way!

    I have had Henry in my thoughts. I have had lots of vet bills this past year along with much sadness. I will blog about it someday, when I can keep from crying. On the upside, we have a new fluffy bundle of joy, Noelle. She is a little rescued kitten has captured my heart. I told your Sweetie today that Henry is a strong fellow considering his crazy trip to Rio Vista a couple years back. Please give him a kitty kiss for me.

    AS always Lynn, you are in my thoughts, even if my posts are few and far between. I check on you each day and marvel at your fun spirit and wonderful creativity.


  18. congratulations Lynn!

    That's great news about Harry and Mimi! I hope Henry is back to his old self quickly.

  19. What a nice post Lynn!
    Time flies..............tell me.
    You looked great when you were young too! Still do, because you still have that same smile!
    Congrats on those 20 years!
    poor Henry........
    I thought vet costs only were sky high here............
    Hope he will cure completely.
    And than the happy ending of your uncle Harry and aunt Mimi!

    Enjoy these beautiful moments in life!
    And I keep my fingers crossed for Henry V!

  20. That is such good news about Harry and Mimi. You know, you have not changed very much in 20 years. Oil of Olay? And as for Henry...oh, yes, I remember the vet bills. Ouch. I was lucky to find a good rat vet who charged only a fraction of his usual (dog or cat) cost per hour of operating room time, etc. He would do x-rays on tiny little dental x-ray film for the rats. I'm so glad nothing serious seems to be wrong with Henry.


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