Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy Sunday Cleaning Up Studio; Traveling Sketchbook Page Made

I completed Katie Janes' Last Page for her ArtySoulSister's Traveling Sketchbook, which I'll mail to her tomorrow. Go there to see more wonderful art from nine artists who are participating. I used the new nature stamps, as her theme is nature...and continued more of the leaves I quilted yesterday for my larger piece.
Sewed them down to card stock and wha-la it was done!
Last photo is the back of the page.
Her book is 5" X 7" and she will bind it when it
returns to her.
&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& then she cleaned up! I love calling my family room mess my studio. It sounds so...well artzy! LOL I have this new huge project upon me, must get started...the commissoned art quilt wall hanging from a lovely woman from New York. I will refer to it as the NY Project for now. So I needed to finish up a traveling sketchbook page (which I did); and then CLEAN/SORT/THROW AWAY/PUT AWAY STUFF that covered three surfaces: design table (another artzy term); sewing machine table; and card table! It is down to a low roar! Not what anyone could term really neat or clean, but way tidier than it was. A good start. Let the wild rumpus begin!
I hope to get Henry V into the vets Monday morning with a desperate call.
He has tried to eat several times today, again, but each time he takes a few timid bites
and immediately barfs them up again. Not good, not good.
I need my kitty well.


  1. Your page for KJ is great. Don't you just love the feeling of being tidy especially right before a new project.?!

  2. Lovely page! The new project sounds fascinating. Textile/fabric art has always bee so interesting to me. Especially since it isn't something I have ever attempted. I just love it so!

    Prayers and hugs for Henry V...hope it's a very quick healing process for him. I can only imagine how worried you must be.


  3. Those books are all such works of art. Love your pages.

    Poor Henry.

  4. What a great ending to Katies travleing book and she gets this one back. I see you have not only mentally but physically started the process of creating your NY Project commission. ENJOY the process. and I am hoping all will be well with Henry. Poor thing.

  5. Beautiful page!
    As for Henry, pay close attention to what he does in the catbox, I just went through this, so I sort of know what to look for. Is he drinking a lot of water? Good luck at the vet's! xoxo

  6. congrats on the commission.

    katies page is lovely.

    oh poor Henry. May he be well.

  7. wish henry well, love the autumnal colours here.

  8. Get well soon, Henry V! Keep us posted, Lynn.

  9. As I said on the other blog, wonderful pages! Love love love them!

    Oy, henry! Bloodwork will show any brewing issues. I'm here if you need me. If I toot my horn about anything it's my veterinary knowledge ;)

    He's not likely to eat any threads/needles lying around is he? Thread won't show in an xray.
    Usually older cats don't bother with that stuff.

    Fingers crossed it's as simple as a huge furball! Kitty prayers are are their way.

    Hugs to you both!

  10. Oh Lynn! This is beautiful! I absolutely love it. Thank you so much. I am anxiously looking forward to getting my little book home.
    I do hope Henry is OK. Sounds kinda scary.

  11. Lisa, yes tidy is good. But it sure doesn't last long.

    Cat, Thanks for your thoughts.

    Teri C, thanks.

    Cris, thanks.

    Deep, glad you think so. Thanks.

    Suki, thanks xs 3.

    Soul, thanks too.

    Annie, no he did not eat or drink all weekend. At vets now.

    Elspeth, thanks from Henry and I will (see tomorrow).

    Lolo, thanks, are you a vet? Doc saw no threads or anything else either on xray. Waiting blood test results tomorrow.

    Katie Jane, your book will be there in two - three days now.
    Thanks for caring about Henry.

    Thanks all. Much appreciated.


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