Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Hail of A Day including Burnt Charms!

You may have read that it is raining hard in California. Yesterday we had a sudden deluge that perhaps lasted all of fifteen minutes if that but come down hard it you see it in our backyard... and on the street out front of the house...
and this my friends is hail on the back patio cement...
a little flooding down the side of the house in front...
hail on the patio table where I did my outdoor painting last summer...
hail on the patio furniture seats...
flooding on the patio floor...
and then sunshine! I looked for a rainbow, but couldn't find one.
So then I got busy with my new Polymer clay rolling out
charms for embellishing art quilts and other mixed media works of art!
I followed directions to the letter
but remember
I cannot cook!
and so do not know my stove very well...
I turned it on to 275 degrees F.
set it for 15 minutes as directed,
but neglected to move the oven tray from the broiling position
to the much lower baking position
and proceeded
Something I suppose only I could do. They were lime green clay when they went in
when they came out!
But I did my best to save them.
I painted this one with gold sparkly glue and wrapped it in
jewelry wire,
not too bad I think
! I tried to find the butterfly that was stamped on this one
using acrylic paints...
And the green leaves here with dark green acrylics...
a tad of varnish maybe or more light green on top might
fix this one even more.
I'll try later today.
But this one stamped with the fern stamp
is the best I think.
I won't give up my day job yet!
And I will keep trying. **************
I must also tell you that I let the stove top slam down on my middle finger of right hand while
attempting to get some gunk out of a groove on the front.
I will live, but it did hurt and bleed for a while.
I'm wearing a band aide now.
And Henry V has not been feeling well
for two days now.
We should have taken him to the vet yesterday
but thought we'd watch him.
He's not eating.
Spits up saliva.
Cuddles on my lap
I hope he gets better soon.
Send kitty prayers please.


  1. The calamity of the polymer clay looks to have turned out ok if not as you expected. I will be curious to see how you use them on your quilts.

    I am glad to hear you haven't had to deal with mud slides. A scary prospect.

    It sounds like you and Henry need prayers. Hugs & prayers to you both.

  2. I'm heading out to San Diego on Tuesday and am hoping that the rains in the LA area stop!
    Poor Henry...furballs???
    I tried those charms too and also burnt them. Not as easy as it looks - but then again...what is?

  3. I think you did pretty darn good at saving the clay! Can't wait to see how you put them to use! Lucky me, I have never burnt them before. It must've smelled horrible! :)

    This has been one weird year for weather! Sure hope you didn't experience any damage from the hail.

    Henry V, please, please feel better soon! Your two-leg mom is worried and so are we! Hugs and prayers to you both.

  4. The clay, salvageable. it looks sort of like raku, a process which does burn the clay. Prayers to Henry.

  5. I hope Henry is feeling better today. Poor things cant tell you whats wrong. Lots of weather going on there. Today we have rain. Our winter has been mild so far. Hope it stays that way. You got some good shots of it there. and your burnt charms..I guess you cant win them all the time but hey they dont look to bad. hows the smell in the house now?... :))

  6. Wow...quite a day! Love the one rain photo, Flooding on the Patio, with the concentric circles made from the rain/hail.

    And your burnt offerings? Why, you resurrected them and I like the ferny one, too.

    Hope that Henry V is feeling better today. I blog with so many cat friends, I can't remember if you mentioned he was in Renal Failure or IBD, but I am thinking it was IBD? I am home today if you want to give me a call and we can chat about him.

  7. Kitty wishes are zooming your way at this moment.
    I think your clay adventures are very interesting. I like the one with the ferns best too, but I still think the others have potential, even the burned ones. They kind of look like lava.
    Wow, you are getting a lot of rain. I hope you are spared any serious flooding. And I hope your finger gets better fast. I know how much that can hurt.

  8. aaaaw wishing your kitty well soon, i love the way you save the day - i would wipe away a tear of frustration and throw them in the dustbin. lol. and i love that photo of the hail on the furniture.

  9. Yikes, what a busy weekend.
    Thanks for sending the rain to us. Snow on the mountains inspired me to paint a landscape.

    Hugs to Henry.

  10. Have fun with that clay :-).
    Give Henry some meat baby food, or try tuna, it is what saved my little B. Aso ask Lolo, Saying prayers. xoxo

  11. Don't wait too long going to the vet if Henry V keeps sick. It might be something serious and you will never forgive yourself if it could have been cured if you had gone to the vet at an earlier time.

  12. wow another thing you are trying!
    Lovely pictures of hail!
    I am sure the sun made everything disappear rapidly!


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