Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Visit With Uncle Harry And Aunt Mimi Together in New Home

On Saturday I had an absolutely beautiful sunshiny day to travel the hours ride to where my aunt and uncle live. It's a back country roads drive which I enjoy very much. DH had a bad cold so had to stay home. I did not mind doing the drive by myself. I drove by llama's, sheep, cows, and a very long horned Brahma bull...well it looked like that to me, I won't swear to it. They have moved to "Assisted Living", a much smaller apartment of one long narrow living area room with teeny tiny kitchen corner (a college student fridge, and small sink); and a large bedroom, and very roomy bathroom (with no door). Pull cords with big signs saying pull for HELP were on all the walls. Windows look out to trees and gardens. The interior of the outer space is big and roomy and VERY CLEAN and modern. Very attractive. I stayed for lunch and the food was tasteful and plentiful. The staff is on target (a young woman noticed when we were ready to leave and went immediately to get my uncles wheel chair to take him back to their apartment.) My aunt is of course confused; dementia is not fun. At lunch she looked around and said: "Look at all the old people here, look at all the white hair! I'm glad I'm not that old." Then I had the audacity to ask her what color her hair was. She didn't know and asked me. I said:" It's White! Very pretty and attractive too." She was in disbelief! Maybe dementia isn't all bad if you can retain a younger version of yourself in your own mind. ;-)
They have been married sixty four years!
I made my uncle a birthday card from my Hebrew Letters. He loved it of course. He and I both have studied Hebrew in our lifetimes and he could recognize most of the letters. He loved the art. This says Birthday!
and this says Mazol Tov!
No end to what I can do with these right?


  1. Sounds like a lovely drive there. I pictured you being on FWY the whole way. What a great photo of you three. My Aunt and Uncle will be celebrating there 65th Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday. Amazing to me.

  2. Wonderful couple! Loved reading about your visit!

  3. Hi Lynn....loved that you shared the good news about assisted living. That is so encouraging to know that nice "second homes" are available. Loved the pictures of them...can still see the love for each other in their faces. And, lastly....your Hebrew letters are wonderful. I know you'll show us more!

  4. They look so happy. What a nice visit you had. I know they must have loved that card, it is so special. It's things like that that mean so much to elderly people.

  5. What a lovely card and visit and couple! My dad who has dementia also wonders why he is surrounded by so many old, confused people in the assisted living home.

  6. Hi Lynn, don't they both look so well.It's so lovely that they are back living together.So glad you had a great trip. Hope your hubby is feeling a bit better, colds are not much fun.

  7. Lovely post Lynn!
    I am so happy for both of them!
    How special to grow old togetger like this!
    Of course they both have their problems but they are still together and in love! I think it is special!
    This assisted living will be good for both of them.

    Have a nice Sunday!

  8. What a lovely couple...and I am sure that you make their spirits can see it in the photo...:)

  9. Making people happy with these beautiful letters is a good thing. Especially for your Uncle.

  10. Oh I just love this post! And the photos are so heart touching ;)

  11. Oh Lynn, they are glorious! Wonderful photos for you to treasure, always!

    So heartwarming!

  12. what a beautiful testament to marriage and love! Your alphabet cards are super too - I love that you both studied Hebrew so you can share the letters together.


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