Monday, January 4, 2010

Creative Weekend Equals = Inspired Art Making

I had four long days off from work over the New Years Holiday and I think I put them to pretty good use. I can't exactly remember what I made when, but I can tell you that I started by making some paper beads. And thanks to Suki, as I think I first saw these on her blog a year or so ago! Mine are cut out long triangles from a quilting calendar (2006) I got at a yard sale for 25 cents. Then I wrapped the rolled papers using jewelry wire I bought new while we were in Fort Bragg a week ago. I had already made a bunch of little quilted rectangles of fabric and paper. I hand sewed the beads to the small quiltlets.
DH said they look like mazzuzahs.
Then being in the Suki mode of art making I got inspired by her latest blog post
where she explained how to make collagraphs here. And set about making some myself on Sunday morning.
I gathered many bits of fabric, paper, Velcro, lace, felt, candy wrappers,
zipper, snaps, etc. and sewed them down onto a piece of paper card stock.
Suki glued hers. Sewing worked well for me especially for what mine wound up to be, but
I am getting ahead of my story. This is my "plate"...which I soaked with acrylic paints over and over again...
Striving for texture and design...
making these collagraphs
(or messes, depending on how you look at them)
some actually had some interesting shapes
and textures
and designs
But on a whole I thought I was a bit of a failure my first time out
making collagraphs.
(Something, by the way, I had never ever heard of before seeing them
on Suki's blog.)
I wound up cutting some up for ATCs...
and tomorrow I will show you how I put the two art exercises
together to make a whole!
Stay tuned!


  1. Lynn, I loved your beads and then I was wowed by your painting collage! Thanks for sharing your day with me. You sure know how to have fun!

  2. You were having too much fun. I will look forward to see what else you did with the collages.

  3. Lynn, wow I am so excited that you remembered the paper beads. I love yours. And i love the collagraphs too. Great idea of making the plate by sewing. In the book where I read about this she mentions making patterned papers to cut up and use in collages so the finished print doesnt necessarily have to look like anything other than colors, patterns etc. Cant wait to see what you do with them.

  4. Wow, that was some weekend!! Love the beads and the collographs - will follow your experiments!

  5. You are having fun arent you. I love the colors on the beads you made. Will look forward to seeing it all together. I cant see all the pix as I am having internet problems. but what I see is cool.

  6. I KNEW I would see these things on your Blog as soon as I saw Suki's! There is no grass growing under your feet, a few days off and you go into high gear with creativity!!!! Neat 'stuff'!

  7. Well, you are ambitious; more so than I. I think yours turned out pretty well. They look useful for future projects. I'll check back and see.

    The fabric beads are very pretty and add so much interest to your work.

  8. Came back to see what I missed.
    Everything looks great. I dont think its a failure.

  9. I will definitely stay tuned. I also want to try making collographs soon. Hey, we got your beautiful holiday card today. Thank you!!!

  10. I saw this over on Suki's blog also and found it very integuing! You sure took action fast!!! It was a great fun project I'm sure! I will try ot one day when I can find the time!!! (The grands are keeping me busy right now)! :)

  11. I love your collagraphs! These would be great in an ATC or an Art Quilt.


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