Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Art Quilt: Beads & Collagraph Plate

Bottom half heavily embroidered and free motion sewn; click to see close up details on cut up collagraph plate pieces, and hand made beads.When I found this bag of snaps on strips of cotton I had no idea where they would wind up,
but they were perfect for my collagraph plate for making holes/circles...the lace and velcro add even more texture to this piece. Back side of snaps, heavily painted candy wrapper, and crinkled papers delight me on this part... The hand made beads shine too with their shiny papers and gold wire.
And finally the whole quilted wall hanging!
Where would you hang it?
The culmination of my weekend play with art techniques comes in the format of this colorful richly textured art quilt.
Yesterday I reported the fun I had making hand made paper and wire beads; and playing in paint and textiles and outside the box embellishments to make a collagraph plate.
Well here is the result of taking those practices and cutting, sewing, painting, embroidering and pulling them all together into this ART QUILT!
I wouldn't be at all surprised if it makes it into my ETSY store very soon.


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  2. Cool, cool quilt - loved the beads and the story on the collagraph!

  3. very beautiful. I love the faded look of the collograph plate. So you cut up the original plate rather than use a print?

  4. wow. good use of everything you worked on. The beads and the collograph plate. I like them all together. One has to enlarge the piece to really get to see the detail you put on it. How do you keep coming up with such fun ideas and cool quilts. You just keep pumping them out. Your imagination amazes me.

  5. This turned out very nice. I'm wondering how in the world you clean these quilts.- candy wrappers? But it really did turn out so beautifully. Good going!

  6. Cindy thank you and thanks for coming by.

    Yes, Suki, I cut up the oringinal as I liked the textures it had for a quilt.

    Cris, a lot of ideas come from seeing others work and incorporating parts or techniques and making them my own.

    Laurel, ;-))) Thanks.

    KJ, you do NOT clean these art quilts! They hang on a wall for years and get dusty. You can shake them out I guess, but do not wash or dry clean them...ever.

  7. Wonderful combination of techniques. Love all the textures.

  8. Wow! Gorgeous creation Lynn.
    You have been busy for good.
    Now practising on precious & materials. Love handmade as it gives a special contented feeling.

    Keep it up, I do check on your etsy store sometimes. All are good and at the moment I can't figure out which is my favourite yet!

    You are very creative and handworking. I salute you:)

  9. Oh, you are having too much fun. I used to have the cutest brooch. It was a kitty cat made from wire and paper beads. I gave it to a waitress who admired it like crazy.

  10. So colorful creation.
    It makes wall so beautiful. It was good if i can arrenge to get one for my home.
    It looks very nice man.

  11. I forgot to mention yesterday how much I LOVE your header.. That flower is just beautiful.


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