Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Girlfriends' Sketchbook Page for Cathie (Cleveland Girlie)

Cathie asked that we pick a quote and create our page for her book based on that quote. I chose an Native American Indian quote by Crowfoot, Blackfoot warrior and orator:
" What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset."
The buffalo in the center photo is on fabric and I took this photo last summer.
I used lots of highly textural brick a brac to make my collage. I in fact made it like I made the collagraph of the other day from Suki's instruction.
This piece has more snaps on cotton, strips of elastic, a zipper part, lace, candy wrapper, frayed edged cotton selvage and a charm with a buffalo on it that I got from my uncles house this past weekend.
I sewed all the pieces down and then I painted it with acrylic paints using a sponge brush.
I added Modge Podge to finish and seal it. The words are hand written on fabric.
2" of the left side of this page will be in the books binding.
The What is Life? words are inside the open zipper!I used one of my collagraph prints for the back of the page
and I sewed it to the front page to make it thicker.
And pasted the quote printed on the back.
Do click the photos to see enlarged details.
This was so much fun to make that I have gone on to make two more
collages on larger paper today while I am home playing hooky from work.
(I only had four clients to see today, one in the morning and three later this afternoon.)
Lynn having fun!


  1. Bravo.. this is great. She will love it. You had all this bubbling up inside you. no wonder you were antsy to get home yesterday and today. Love it all.

  2. Beautiful pages Lynn.
    Will come back later to catch up. seems like I am doing nothing else lately.....


  3. You didn't trick me.......I see a buffalo!

  4. Lovely and original page, Lynn. ONLY four clients. yikes. What is yr usual day like???

  5. glad you are having fun, I too see a buffalo!!!

  6. This is marvelous Lynn. The lines of the quote remind me of fletches the way they are arranged on the page.

  7. Suki, my normal day is around 6-8 clients a day...but I don't mind so much the cancellations if at the end of the year I make a certain amount that covers all bills etc. And it always seems to work out that way. Today was very abnormal...but believe me I made the most of it and had fun.

    Lisa, what are "fletches" please!

  8. How amazingly creative you are Lynn! Great piece full of interest! I just LOVE your new header picture - WOW!!

  9. love it, each one you do just lives and breathes, we are all so lucky getting these.

  10. Lynn, this is fantastic!!! I got it posted just now. Sorry for the delay. There is a time difference between us and I didn't see this post until I got home from work today. I love this and so will Cathie. Amazing!

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    I just wrote this song about love for my girlfriend and I'm trying to compare it with anything else... I thought I would land on your blog and there would be lyrics :P but anyhoo, if you want to check out the song i wrote and recorded on youtube just click on the link (PLEASE COMMENT ON IT IF YOU CAN!) :^)
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  12. I love it! The theme is wonderful and the touches of lace are great. My favorite part is the zipper. How creative!


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