Sunday, January 17, 2010

Grandsons' First Box of Nest of 3; My First Page in the new Artshine Traveling Sketchbooks

After making a frilly girly three nesting Valentines Boxes for my little grand daughter I wondered could I do something on the same theme but for my little grand son?
I remembered some race car fabrics I had gleaned at the thrift store a while back and went digging for them. I also picked up two new Hot Wheel cars at same thrift store to put in the finished first box. And hope he will see his box as a raceway/garage/storage for his cars Outside of the box
And then I finished the first page of my latest
Traveling Sketchbook book click to see details
I invite you to follow the link to the Artshine blog to see the art and meet
the other artists there click: Artshine I hope you will sign up to be a follower of this new blog


  1. Followed the link and i will follow your art adventures on the new books there every now and then.
    The box you made is so much fun!
    He will love it!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. fun box for your grandson and I love your first page!

  3. I wondered what your Grandsons boxes would look like. They are great. He will enjoy them so much.

    Your first page is fantastic. Did we expect anything else?? No. I will be following your groups progress.

  4. Your box idea is wonderful. I bet your grandkids will be overjoyed.

  5. They are so BOY!!!! Wonderful job on this one.

    Great first page also.

  6. I love the box, I love your first page and I love the name of the new group!!!

    I'm on my way over ;)

  7. I love that picture of the hands in a circle - very creative. THe boxes look great, I'm sure a 5-year old boy will love them! Boys can be hard though, girls are easy with frills and pink, boys you have to get to know to know what interests them.

  8. You just keep outdoing yourself. Those nesting boxes are so cool and really boyish. Also congratulations on having your recycled dryer sheet project recognized!


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