Monday, January 18, 2010

Grandson's Nesting Boxes Finished

This is the middle of three nesting boxes for my five year old grandson. The challenge to myself was how to make these masculine and okay for a kid no longer a little guy...he loves baseball so this flannel fabric seemed okay for the outside of this box. His Valentine is tucked into a side pocket. Here you see all three boxes opened up all the way making (I hope) a good raceway for his hot wheel's a mixture of Nascar raceway cars and motorcycles. In the middle or bottom of the baseball box outer side is a baseball diamond with a game in progress.
Here you see all three boxes one inside the other
and here they are side by side
The outer theme of the smallest box is fishing and ships!
Well, Grandma Lynnie had fun making them
we'll see come Valentine's Day how they
went over with the Kindergarten set.


  1. These are fantastic Lynn. I know they will love them. They are so young that they won't realize all the work that went into them but I can assure you I am awed by your work enough for them and me. What fun they will be.

  2. WOW, Lynn these are gorgeous! Treasures each one!

  3. You rock Lynn!!! These are super!

  4. lynn, these are incredible how could he not love them. you are doing some complex work here or complex to me anywya. happy valentine's day.

  5. You are a Stitchin' Wizzard! You amaze me with the things you come up with! Hope they are well received.

  6. You really did a great job on these.. They are fantastic. He will love them because they are from his Granny Lynn. :) I am sure you did have a ball making them.

  7. my mouth is hanging open with plkeasure and amazement here. you are one of the most talented ladies i have ever known, your talent is unending, and i love that! the grands are gonna be over the moon this year.

  8. Truly unique and I am so happy you have finished another great task!
    Thanks for being my friend Lynn and take care, happy weekends in advance!

  9. Have I mentioned you are brilliant. Oh yeah, I think that has come up before.


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