Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grateful Thursday; Art in The Making; Recovering Kitty

Some of this art has been sitting on my desk for sometime waiting patiently to be posted. The first card is from Soulbrush in London/UK thanking me for participating in the Artysoulsisters traveling art books blog she started. Let me tell her and you that it was quite an honor for me to be putting my art in amongst the likes of Soul and the others. She sent along this precious ATC of her rendition of the group of us women artists! Thank YOU Soul for starting the book, all the work you put in to maintaining the blog and for your continued sharing and friendship. I welcome you all to go to this blog to see all of the art done so far. There are still a few books out being worked on and finishing up. I'll post mine as soon as it returns to me.
This lovely lovely collaged art card by Suki came to thank me for the art I contributed to two of her traveling art books...Artysoulsisters and Girlfriends. Again both blogs can be seen full of wonderful art by many terrific artists. Love the card Suki and your warm words inside.Thank YOU.
As part of our ABC ATC exchange, Lisa sent me her watercolor of this beautiful butterfly. I cannot say enough times how much more vivid the art is from these photos in person. But this is pretty too...and even the textured envelop she sent it in is lovely to see and touch. Thank you so much Lisa, I love both very much. Go to Lisa's blog to see more nature art!
I also loved the note paper and envelope she sent them in. They could be used for future collages should I decide to cut them up and upcycle them at some point. Humm?
I've been working on some new art projects...and this is the start of a portrait in fabric I did. I love my new see through box for forty spools of threads...and liked how the colors of threads went together so nicely with the colored marking pens behind them... Last night the sky was all ablaze after a sunny spring like day... and the moon was full seen here behind our naked fig tree.
Henry seems to be doing okay.
He left some spit ups of yellow soft cat food on the landing in the morning.
They looked like spilled paint splatters...kind of artsy and pretty...
but he seemed to keep down what he ate the rest of the day
unless he dumped it outdoors when he went out to
stalk the things he could see in the grass
that I couldn't see.
Thanks to all who sent their good wishes for my healing.
It worked. (signed: Henry V) I hope he's back to normal.


  1. hard to know why cats get illnesses sometimes. Bibs sometimes spits up and has other digestive issues, usually when he's been outside. I dont let them out in the winter.

  2. You have so much here I had to come back and really read it before commenting. So many lovely gifts of wonderful art work here.
    Still hoping Henry is doing well today. I know I am missing something but I cant see your blog while writing this.

  3. Such wonderful artwork and lots of love here. All of your books just turned out so beautiful and special.

    That is a LOT of thread! wow, that means lots of creating.

    Good news on Henry.

  4. wonderful having you along for the artysoulsisters ride my friend. love the spools of threas, and henry looks like the 'cat that licked the cream'.

  5. I came to check up on Henry V. Could it be emotional as well? Sometimes Jasper throws up and looks poorly after a specific big Tom cat comes into the yard and J expends a lot of energy defending his territory. It's almost like a nervous reaction. Maybe Henry had some kind of scare.

  6. Such lovely gifts...They all are talented women so are you my dear Lynn:)

    Think you are really busy...misng u...

  7. Awe...hi cute Henry!!! You are such a dolly baby! I hope you are all back to normal very soon! My sons ex-cat used to vomit and it must have been nerves...they tried everything and nothing helped. You may never know with a cat...they can have strange habits, for sure!!!

  8. Hurray for Henry!
    And lots to be thankful for.
    I love all those colors together!


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