Friday, January 15, 2010


words do not, can not convey the sadness in my heart hearing the news reports seeing the photos trying to conceptualize what half a population dead means looks like smells like feels like the grief of one family losing a loved one is terrible the grief of thousands of families losing one, two, three, or more loved ones, neighbors, friends, storekeepers, doctors, UN workers, townsmen, school teachers, students, humanity is horrific in ways I wonder if I could bare The fear of earth shaking the lack of food, water, shelter, clothes, warmth, comfort, money, goods, belongings, is mindbogglingly inconceivable. I cannot take all this in. I feel helpless I can send prayers I can have hope I can send money and yet I feel limp useless helpless inept and guilty as I look around my sound house, belongings, food, water, clothes, money, warmth, loved ones, all in tact. talk about counting ones blessings. survivors guilt aching heart


  1. .

    this is not guilt you feel
    this is love

    if you felt satisfied
    with your aid
    with the money you sent
    with the prayers you said

    then love was absent

    now you write your tears
    now your words tear our hearts

    now all is one
    now one is in love

  2. I feel the same way Lynn. My heart, mind, prayers go out to these people in this mind boggling catastrophe.

  3. So True!
    I totally get hoe you feel coz it happens with almost always.

  4. I feel the same way Lynn. This is another disaster like the tsunami in Thailand. I remember how totally helpless I felt then and I feel the same now. My heart goes out to all those poor people.

  5. You couldn't have said it better.

  6. Yes I agree with you whole heartedly. Watching GMA this morning and seeing that there is a blockage of getting the food and supplies to these people in need too. Red tape should be done away with in times like this and let these people get the help they need NOW.. Keep praying they will need it for a long while.

  7. human being yes I hear you you are right...sometimes life makes us want to scream. I'm glad we can all hold hands here together.

    All: I see by the responses that we all feel the same way...of course we do. thanks for commenting.

  8. absolutely. mind boggling and so hard to imagine the enormity of the pain and sadness. and yes, my small complaints about life now make me feel ashamed. My life is plush. Their lives even before the earthquake, tho perhaps joyful, were filled with poverty and lack.

  9. perfectly said lynn.sigh. and sigh again.

  10. We are sad, and this is a sad look into what can happen. It is so hard to take it all in, you are so right. I am warm, safe, and all my needs are met on this day. I cannot put my arms around just one of these people and that makes it so hard. I hope that in some way the $'s we send will give comfort somehow, even if it is just good water. Love, Mary

  11. The human spirit, the will to go on, the giving of people, hope for a new tomorrow. I donated, too, and feel hope when I see how those who can, are winging their way there to help...

  12. Hi Lynn,
    you couldn't express the pain any better. The pain that we all feel And share for the Haiti's people. May all our prayers, tears ,money, food, water and medical we'll bring them some comfert of love knowing that they are not alon and forgaton, the world is reaching out to them as ONE nation to help them and that's by it self is a blessing to all of us.

  13. If we all do what we can...
    a prayer...

    ten dollars, a thousand dollars...

    incrementally it will add up in a good way.

    I can't begin to imagine the discomfort. The fear. The unknowing. The aftershocks. The darkness.

    As Human Being said it so well.
    This is love we feel. Not guilt.
    We will never feel as though we can do enough.



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