Thursday, January 14, 2010

Boxes 2, 3 and 1...

Three nesting boxes covered Cheerio cardboard with cotton, satin, felt, fleece fabrics, and other embellishments..Each box open on one side revealing what is inside...envelope with felt Valentine; Grand daughters own art, and pink baby monkey!
all three tied up and nested again together
Lots of fun buttons and strings holding things together
Come out to play
These were fun to make and relatively quick too.
Tomorrow Patty and I have a date
at the bead shop downtown
to get instruction in jewelry making!
Why not?
I haven't tried THAT yet!
;-) **** Praying for finding more alive than dead
in Haiti.


  1. always amazed at your brilliance! I know one little 20 month old that would adore it. What a great idea. I might try something like it...oh no, better not.I will leave it to the experts

  2. These look like so much fun. Your Granddaughter will love them.

  3. Beautiful and really colourful!
    That seems a whole bundle of fun and joy. Any kid will love to untie the mysteries holding inside it:)

    Have FUN!

  4. You never stop! Do you sleep at night??? Are you a vampire? LOLOL!!! Goodness, I have never seen anyone like you in the creative world!!! Go girl!!!

  5. You'll stop at nothing.
    Sure you will be good at that too!


  6. How cool to see it all together!!

  7. I chuckled over this sentence you wrote...(to get instruction in jewelry making! Why not?
    I haven't tried THAT yet!)
    Yep we will see more genius at work after that class. :))These boxes are so darn cute.
    Thinking of the Haitians too. Makes me heart sick to watch it on TV. Praying for much help for them.

  8. That is a wonderful project, I'm sure your granddaughter will love it. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better through ABC ATC's! I've taken a couple beading classes. I love it! I sponsor a boy at the Haitian Christian Mission - I've not heard yet whether they are safe. Prayers all around please!

  9. Hi Lynn, I love your nesting boxes. I make them too (and my friends think I've lost my mind) but I never dreamed that I could adorn mine as you have yours. I'll rethink how I accessorize...nesting boxes, that is!!

    I too have sent prayers for the hurting in Haiti.

  10. These boxes are so YOU! and the grand gets a piece of you....well, lots of pieces!

  11. messyfish, believe me these are EASY as pie. See the mag. article I referred to in the post below this one or that one. ;-)

    Lisa, they were fun to make and more fun to play with. I keep playing.

    Mim! YES!

    Deep, I am having fun. Thanks.

    Julie, you are right I rarely sleep, but I do not suck blood. Yuck. I would faint straight away!

    Marianne, thanks. I'll do my best.

    Lolo, thanks.

    Cris, thanks. And yes, we will keep praying.

    Pak Art, me too, and I sure hope your little guy is one of the survivors.

    Marty, thanks for coming here. I loved discovering your blog today. I direct you to the article about nesting boxes in Sommerset Sew mag. summer 2009 and see the embellishments she did for adult nesting boxes. Amazing stuff.

    Teri, thanks. ;-)

  12. lovely, but my mind is only on haiti tonight.

  13. these are sweet. have fun at the jewelry lesson.


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