Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Henry Getting His Press Time

Mom watched American Idol tonight...I tried getting her attention, letting her know I can sing too...why not take ME to Boston to audition...but no she just kept staring at the dumb TV. So...
I hung out here in Dad's guitar case! No body's paying any attention to me at all! Happy Animal Wednesday! BTW Mom's kind of excited because some lady in NY has commissioned her to make a silly old art quilt. Now I'm never gonna get any attention!


  1. Cats like finding places to curl up comfy don't they. However my dog likes to hide herself away under cushions or a blanket.
    Go on give him a fuss he's so cute.

  2. Goodness , I didn't know Henry could sing! he certainly looks disgruntled - but HAW anyways Henry!

  3. Poor you!!!
    I would like to invite you for a holiday at my place but my cats complain a little as well about not getting enough attention...... They are with too many they think.
    You know what will help? Minoes did this the other week. She sat behind while I was at the computer and started licking my calf and then put her teeth in my Achilles' tendon .(a love bite of course)
    I am sure that will do the trick

    Take care HenryV hope you will get your welldeserved Royal treatment soon!


  4. Henry, you sing heavenly! An Idol winner for sure!

    PS: love the guitar case, dude! ;)

  5. Henry you are such a handsome devil. I don't see why you can't get her attention. I would love to hear you sing along with himself while he plays his guitar.

  6. Henry, you just have to be a little more agressive like my Daisy & Nikki. They make sure they get their attention. :) and Congrats to your Mom for her new commission piece to do. Now thats something to purr about.

  7. Adorable photo!!

    I really enjoyed Idol last night. Boston really represented well I thought :)I'm sorry this is Simon's last season. I think this year will be packed with talent!

    HAW and hugs to Henry V!!
    (and you!)

  8. Aw, poor Henry, here's a cat hug for you! You handsome devil you! At east you have a day dedicated just to you.


  9. Hilarious. I love the guitar shot.


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