Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Project In Process

I found this really clever idea in Somerset Sew magazine Summer 2009 in an article called This treasure that is Me A treasure box of inspiration" by Susan Edmonson & Kristin Steiner. A Valentine Box (my idea) for 5 yr old grand daughter...
their box is made with something called Peltex. I have no idea what that is so I used a cereal box for my base...covered the eight sides with different swatches of fabric picked for color, texture, befitting Valentines Day.
I thought the box would make a nice home for new little monkey!
She is comfy in there!
I used ETSY STORE keeper Vivian Bonner's pink ribbons to frame the sides
and her yarns to act as ties that wrap around the buttons
to hold the sides together... I embroidered a heart on this side.
The yarn sewn to one corner of side one, wraps around the button on side two and so on around making for a closed box.
The pattern calls for three boxes that nest one inside the other in graduated sizes.
I cut out fabric for the middle sized box tonight.
I will decorate them more and make a third box too.
And then add a top!
I should be a very cute gift
full of discovery.
Quite girlie!


  1. she is going to absolutely adore this, what a fab gift for a little girl. my dil would have a heart attack, she can't stand too much pink for maggie...sigh.what's for our little grandson boy now?

  2. This is a work of heart. She will love it no doubt.

  3. this is just beautiful! what a wonderful gift! :)

  4. How I would love to be your little granddaughter!! I hope you get a good picture of the look on her face when she opens this treasure!!

  5. This is cute as a button. How much fun she will have exploring inside.
    Looks like a lot of work too.

  6. So adorable with all those colors and textures!!!
    And so YOU!

  7. Love it Lynn! and I'm sure that she will too!

  8. My gosh Lynn!!!!!
    She will treasure it!
    you are a super grandma!

  9. Soul, my DD does not like pink either, but GD DOES!!! As the child ages they form their own likes and dislikes quickly. Grandma caters to GDs likes! Therefore, lots of PINK!!! LOL

    Lisa, Cat, Cris, thanks.

    Lolo, I hope I can be there when she gets it to instruct her in how to tie it up etc. ;-)
    And see her joy.

    Teri, Lady Bug, Marianne, Thanks so much.

  10. Lynn, you are the textile goddess! I love all the fiber and pattern arraingments on this piece. Socool!

  11. just gorgeous lynn!! what a great present for a little girl!


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