Monday, January 11, 2010

Hearing and Seeing is Believing!

Last week I broke the DOOR on my hearing aid. My friend Jeri, in Idaho could not phantom a hearing aid having a door. Actually it is the door that holds the battery. Hearing aids run on batteries. This happens to be a very good shot of the open door (for Jeri) with the battery in it and a view into the connectors inside the hearing aid...just in case you might be interested too. Here is another shot of the open door with battery and some ear wax on the hearing aid, Yew!
Well it is five years old, what did you expect?
Front shot of open door. Side shot of open door! So Jeri, do you now get it about the hearing aid having a DOOR? I hope so. Further information: The top round dial turns to change the volume of sound.
The bottom button can be pushed three times for different types of hearing.
The #1 push = so so hearing
The #2 push = directional hearing of what or whom is right in front of me cutting out
background noises.
The #3 push = hearing everything from all around, good for TV watching, music listening,
terrible at parties or large groups of people. Good for spying on what is being said across
the room however! LOL
When you close the door you just see the rounded plastic flush with the hearing aid. I got it fixed for Free at the Miracle Aid center at Sears! DH took this shot of a hawk in the tree in our backyard on Sunday! He can be my Animal Wednesday photo on Monday. And he is kind of shaped like a cactus which might just pass for Cactus Monday! LOL Sunday was a very busy day. Besides doing mundane things like running the clothes washer, dryer, dishwasher, and spraying some bleach on the shower tile; I also sat at my computer making contact with many people from all over the country and world. I was collecting data from those interested in the Traveling Sketchbook! My list now has ten names on it! We have a GROUP! We are One from UK, one from Canada and eight from the US of A. Soon I will send out the list of names and addresses to each of the group members and the instructions for getting started. Three of us are returnees so we know the drill... Seven are doing this perhaps for the first time. What I know for sure is that it is a diverse group of artists and we will have fun and make some awesome art for each other! And if that were not enough I also started on a new Art Project for Valentines Day for my grand daughter. I'll show it later as it progresses. Enjoy this bright and wonderful day!


  1. Interesting about your hearing aid. I don't know anyone that likes their hearing aid. It would be a wonderful thing to me if I couldn't hear so good to have one, I think. Can't wait to see the art book flying around.

  2. what an informative post, have never seen one of these little gizmos before. sooo glad you have 10 people again, good luck and have fun, i shall be lurking to see what you all do. and loev your new header, so springlike...spring? what's that? happy cactus monday fellow cactuteer.

  3. very informative! I wish I had seen the sketchbook project sooner before it filled up! :( oh well, maybe next time!

    Happy Monday!

  4. excited about the journal project. glad you got the hearing aid fixed.

  5. I'm sorry lynn but a hawk does not look like a cactus.. LOL Good try tho. hee hee. I wish con would get a hearing aid but he is so against getting one. I think he likes not hearing me talk. :)) Very intricate they are. Glad you got it done free. Also looks like you have a nice diverse group for the next traveling art books. Have fun with this. I will look forward to seeing what Art comes out of this.

  6. Lisa, I LOVE my hearing aids, I wear two. One in each ear!!! When I first got one I was amazed at having to turn my car radio way down, and hearing birds sing! I also love taking them off and sitting in quiet. It's nice to have a choice.

    Cat, I put you on the waiting list.
    Maybe the group will expand. I'll ask.

  7. Good luck with that hearing aid.
    I am so excited about the traveling art book! I can't wait to get started. I just posted about it on my blog and hopefully some more people will come along.

  8. I saw a new type of hearing aide on Dr. Ox the other was sop small it went down inside the ear canal and was invisible to the outside...I remember they said you could see more about it at his website! It looked like what I would want to try if I could afford it. (I have no isdea what it costs). They brought a beautiful woman who had been born with hearing loss on there and as soon as they placed it down in her ear canal, she was so excited...she could hear!!! It was amazing! Glad you got yours fixed easily nd for free! Awesome! They sure are needed, aren't they??? Thank God for them.

    Good luck with your travelling art is so fun! I love to see what you all make.

  9. hello lynn, i know about hearing aids. when my Mother first got them, i chuckled that their battery replacments was a skill i'd never thought about!

    how great about the traveling art book. seven new people! terrrific.

    i'm taking a guess at who the three returnees are. soulbrush for one. did suki do the last one? lo? marianne? mim? hmmmmmmmm

    and look at annie's new &heart; i wonder how she learned to do that.


  10. You are too funny, I don't know anyone else who would give us all this information and a wonderful photo of a hawk and claim it looks like a cactus!

    Happy to hear your book is a go!

  11. What an educational post that was! In fact, next time I visit my parents I'm going to ask to see my mom's hearing aid's door! LOL!!! Wouldn't that be a blast to journal about?!


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