Sunday, January 10, 2010

Garden At Night

My forth page is another prospective of my garden series. This one is darker and a night scene. Snappy Tree is there on the right under a crinkly paper dark blue sky...strands of hanging beads with flower heads grow over torn flowers from an old calendar of quilts. Brown crinkly paper is the earth at the bottom...and the shiny paper border is really dark turquoise blue.
A shiny sliver moon shines down upon the flowers awaiting morning sun for growth. I back each page by sewing on one of my collagraph prints to make it more sturdy.
Every part of these pages are made of things gleaned at garage sales or thrift stores! Enjoy your Sunday! And remember if you know an artist friend who might like to take part in the Traveling Art Book group please refer them to my blog. Thanks. We could use about 2 more people to get a nice fat book back! ;-)


  1. Theres a lot going on in this one. Hard to see it all without enlarging. Would love to see and feel these in person. Nite time in the snappy tree garden. :))How did you do the stems of the flowers? Pretty cool!!!!

  2. There's something that most people I know do at least once per night and several times throughout the day. It's called sleeping and eating!!

    Do you ever rest?

    I know, I know...this IS rest!

    You amaze me ;)

    Oh, I got your email and you're quite welcome! That's my old address. Deep six that one because I can't respond from that acct :)

  3. Cris:The little blue flowers are on a string of beads and the "stems" are just more beads under the flowers. It came this way. I just had to sew the ribboned top on to the paper.

    Lolo: I sleep a little bit...and I do eat, often in front of the computer. Too messy while sewing.
    Rest? What is that? Please explain.

  4. Wow! Lynn this is sooo pretty!
    I love all this shimmer!
    And I agree with Lo, I wonder if your days has 48 hours????

  5. Sumptuous! Oops silly me, I sent you that message but was answering Lisa - obviously got my wires crossed somewhere!!

  6. ah, your creativity is always enduring. It's a constant. Like the north star :) hope you are well, Lynn and happy new year!

  7. "Rest? What is that?"

    I just loved that:)

    This is indeed too pretty...the flowers, the silver slipper of the moon and the hues...every bit.

    Loved it!

    Iam bac frm India aftr my small vacation.

  8. Your night garden is obviously not sleeping. It is quite romatic with all the beads sparkling.

  9. this just blew me away, have taken the quilt to a whole new level in this one! it must be fabulous in RL!

  10. OOO I love this lovely quilt collage. The shimmer, the colors, the details are all very fantastico! Love it!


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