Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snappy Art Tree Grows in My Garden; Saturday Is Garage Sale Fun Day!

Someone suggested that I must have bought a lot of those snaps on cotton steamers and the answer is YES! I still have a ton of them...and they were perfect for the first tree to grow in my mixed media collage garden! Click on photos to see texture and details. I made a huge pot of soup yesterday while making art and the gold foil wrapper from the vegetable bullion used in the soup made great textured shiny stars for my tree's sky!
More crinkly blue, red and brown paper; green fabric, snap strips and acrylic paint and mod podge made up this 8" X 12" page!
Saturday morning we left the house around nine a.m. and drove into a very foggy road...looking for possible garage sales. It was cold out, we bundled up and sure enough other crazy people were out looking for stuff too and there were those who were selling it just for us! I found this tiny pink monkey for 50 cents at the thrift store. Brand new! My 5 yr old grand daughter will see it as the baby to her little bit larger favorite toy monkey, Mono. Can't wait to give it to her!
I got two wooden cigar boxes to use as art substrates...idea gleaned from Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine. So stay tuned. Not sure how long it will take me to take up this self imposed challenge, but am sure I will get to it eventually. $1.50 each box.
The little bag of perfect sea shells were at the thrift store $1.50.
This wonderful Italian post card was inside one of the cigar boxes. So I considered it an extra prize! Doesn't it make you wonder about the lives of these brave souls? Who made it through the war? Who loved them and worried about them? They look young and venerable to me.
I picked up this little pot at the thrift store ($3) to use to melt beeswax in for future art making too. Another new (for me) technique I want to use this year. A garage seller had the two rolls of shiny turquoise and silver papers perfect for art work, which I got for $1. The little note book (brand new) for a quarter will make a great art journal.
And the colorful hair bands also new for 50 cents will either be good for GD or art or both.
The first three collages.
Do they need words? Do I write on them?
Not sure yet. What will the next one look like?
Time will tell.
Stay tuned.
I now have gathered a nice group of artists (six for sure and one maybe)
for the next Traveling Art book!
If you'd like to put the word out on your own blog for others who might be interested
and link them back to my blog we'd be much appreciative.
Thanks if you feel like doing this. Fine if you don't.
;-)) Enjoy Your Saturday!


  1. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  2. oh i love that postcard and it makes me so sad too. i have asked a few people i know from atcs forall whether they would like to join you with the new art book exchange, hope they do.

  3. I've posted on my blog about your TRAVELING ART BOOK, I'm so intrigued just not sure my art is up for that. Hope we get to see the results.

  4. Wow Lynn, those cigar boxes are a treasure among treasures! I thought they were going to be the usual balsa wood ones.

    I love what you're doing these days. pretty snappy stuff!!

  5. P.S. I mailed you a package of stuff today. The fabric is from me and the other stuff was sent to me in an art exchange. I'll never use any of it but I know you will ;)

  6. I wonder what all this stuff will inspire you to do. AS it is part of what inspires you, the rest is the books and magazine and blogs you read, but you always come up with your own version of it. Love your Tree. I think the three collages are perfect as is with no writing. but it is your Art.

  7. GEESH, I never know what I am going to find you doing next! I'm surprised you didn't put some of that soup in your creation. lol

    Happy bookmaking too.

  8. Welcome Hapi.

    Soul, thanks for your sentiments. And thanks for telling others about the new traveling art book!

    Love Stitching Red, thanks for your comment! Sweet to hear I am inspiring to YOU!

    Irene, thank you so much for posting about the traveling art book and for coming here to tell me. I am sure your art would be just fine so if you change your mind please let me know.

    Lolo, glad you like my "Snappy Art". I am having fun with it. And thank you again for your thoughtfulness and sharing your art making goodies. I am excited to see what's coming my way. Hugs to you!!!

    Cris, I always appreciate your input. Thanks.

    Teri, thanks for the idea of adding some soup to the art mix. Hummm. Good idea! LOL

  9. Hi Lynn, See you have been busy again. Nice work. Your new purchases are great too. I'm jealous. Here in Crete we don't have thrift shops. I miss going to them. We do have Bazaars though, which I go to. Only thing is, they have not had any over the Christmas and New Year. Hope they hurry up and start again, I'm getting wothdrawl symptoms.

  10. Soup is on here too. Your yard sale finds are terrific. Love those cigar boxes.

  11. Love your colourful pieces, Lynn and how about those finds? The cigar boxes are great and the postcard a real treasure - I'd have been so excited to find that! By the way the net on my IF picture is made by printing with a net bag which held onions from the supermarket! I painted parts of it with white acrylic and laid it over my fish painting (holding my breath as I did so!!).

  12. These garden collages are great. Cheerful. Glad the traveling book adventure is shaping up. look FWD to it. And of course as per usual I drool at your thrifty finds. hope you are not in the area of the earthquake.

  13. What an inspiring post. So many wonderful things to see. I love this series of textured pages. Great colors too. And that surprise postcard is very cool.

  14. Love you collage art! I can see these on a card representing folk art. Very cool, Lynn!


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