Friday, January 8, 2010

New Garden Collage and A Gift From My Friend Sam; Traveling Sketchbook Starting

How does my garden grow?
I made yet another garden variety collage from card stock, crinkly paper, candy wrappers,
snaps on cotton, paint, marking pens and this time buttons!Sewn parts down, painted, mod podged, and buttons sewn on by hand!
= my busy artsy week! In yesterday's mail came this delightful gift from my friend Sam(antha) in Oregon. I love her use of recycled paper to wrap it in.
A wonderful little 24 page book full of powerful quotes and wonderful vintage photos!
I may save some to post on other days for you to enjoy.
Is this "me" or what?
Sam and her daughter, both hoots!
Thank you Sam for such a well made, clever, artsy gift.
I appreciate it and YOU so very very much!
Today I am getting one of my hearing aids repaired;
dropping some art off at the local art gallery for the Member's Show (non juried);
and hopefully making some new art as self gratification and entertainment.
I will also mail Cathie/Clevelandgirlie's Sketchbook to her (Girlfriends Traveling Book)
If anyone out there is interested in being a part of a new
Traveling Sketchbook
please contact me by leaving a comment on this blog post and a way of getting in touch with you (blog or email address). We each make a page in what ever size we want using whatever media we want and send it to one person who adds a page of their own art, and in turn sends it to one person who adds a page and so on until it is returned to the owner of the book (you). You can have a theme for your book if you like or not.
If some of the artists involved live in an area of the world that is far from you there may be
extra postage fees to consider. The number of times you mail a book depends on the number of artists involved in the group. The last two books I was/am a part of have 9-10 participants.
The quality of the art is awesome, inspiring, fun, so
think about it
and let me know
if you want to play!


  1. Your garden is growing beautifully this winter. Your friend Sam certainly does know you. Wonderful gift.

  2. You clever woman!! I always love coming here to see what you're up to.
    I often need a creative kick in the pants ;)

    I love what Sam made too!

  3. I am loving your Flower garden art. Lovely. with this dreary weather right now its a breath of fresh air. Love what Sam made you. How fun to have so many Artistic Friends.

  4. Okay, I admit I had a difficult time getting past that stunning, awesome bloom in your header! I kept going back to enjoy it again. It is really a WOWZER!!!!!!

    Love the gift, it's beautiful and so creative.

    Oh that blooms is SO beautiful!

  5. I love to see flowers growing in the winter. The book looks delightful. Yes, please count me in on the traveling sketchbook adventure. I believe you have my email and address.

  6. What a lovely book you got there!
    Love that page about not taking yourself too seriously! I will copy that and show that to some of my...... (no I won't, but then again it would be fun....)
    I have finished your pages today!
    Had fun with them!
    The pages you made are wonderful Lynn.
    Seems like you are involved in 2 such projects and starting up the third!!!!
    My gosh there are no limits to whatever you do ;)


  7. i would like to play with the traveling sketchbook ;-)

  8. ok lynn got yr message abt traveling book and will soon put up a notice abt it on my blog. glad to do so and thanks for asking.

  9. Girl, you are just a ball of creative enegery, burning, burning, burning!! I love these cute garden paintings you've done. You must have gotten yards of those snaps on fabric, but you are certainly putting them to wonderful use. Keep going.

    Thanks, but I'm going to sit out the sketchbooks for a round or two this time. Y'all have fun.

  10. Love the garden art! As these sketchbooks wind down I wondered if someone was going to get it started again. I really enjoy mine,so full of its wonderful art! But, I have too many time constraints right now to commit to another round. For those of you who are hedging and have the time I say, Do it! A rewarding experience.

  11. i truly love that new piece, cheers me up no end in this dire weather. i will be lurking on your artysoulsistersII, and sending you all good and artsy vibes as you start your new journey.

  12. Hi Lynn. Love your little collages.
    I just may participate in the next book. Depends how many. Once you get a headcount - if you'd like one more let me know and I'll see if I can.

  13. You're on a creative roll at the moment, Lynn! Love the gift you received too - such fun! Hope to join you in a future round of travelling sketchbooks, but will sit out this one and watch you from the sidelines!!

  14. I came by way of Suki. I want to play :-).

  15. So nice to see flowers in the midst of winter! I love the colors of the one on the right.

  16. ok lovie, put me down tho i have yet to figure out the instructions--it must be the hand, never my mind.

    you know where to find me and your art is so bright and cheery this cold gray morning up here in the land of the coffee tea or me thinkers.

    wv=we try ti [giggles]

  17. Lynn,

    I'd love to take part in one of the traveling books. What is the difference between the sketchbook and the artist book? You can get my email from my blogger profile. I will pass on info on my next blog post.


  18. Hi I would really like to get involved in your travelling books. Hope the UK isn' ttoo far away to join in?

    My email is

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  19. Hi I am quite interested in joing in with the travelling book, but am wondering if posting back and forth to Australia would be too much.




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